Best Anime Figures of Famous Girl Characters – High Rated Products

Best Anime Figures of Famous Girl Characters – High Rated Products

Anime girl characters come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are tall and curvaceous with blond curly hair resembling the common female westerner look while others are petite and skinny with black straight hair like women from Asian countries.  These representations are not only intended to introduce variety but also to make sure that everyone is well represented.

As we all know, the Anime fever has spread across the globe through the years and already captured the heart of billions regardless of age, gender, and social standing.  It’s probably the few things that are enjoyed by everyone equally.  And famous anime girl characters like Nami of One Piece and Asuna of Sword Art Online played major roles in increasing their respective show’s fan base.

One proof to this is the growing number of their action figures sold online.  Do you have an anime action figure collection?  Are you looking for wonderful additions but is struggling with so many options in front of you?  You don’t have to stress yourself anymore since I’ve compiled the best anime figures of famous anime girl characters that I found online and made a list out of it.

Browse through each of them below and I’m sure you’ll find one that is worthy to be the center piece of your anime action figure collection! And take now, all these recommendations are products with high quality rating more specifically above 4 start rating.


Ruby rose Action Figure

If you never heard or read about Ruby Rose, she is the main protagonist in the hit anime series RWBY.  She is a feisty girl who boasts both beauty and strength.  I know it’s easy to be envious of her but don’t be since she has her fair share of problems and challenges.  You’ll definitely have second thoughts about being her once you get a clearer picture about her current struggles and enemies she is bound to encounter.  If having her beauty and powers is impossible, you can always purchase her action figure to admire her every once in a while. This Ruby Rose Action Figure in particular nailed her look from head to toe including minute details which makes it a must have.


Rem Action Figure

What would you do if you always end up several days before your death and given the chance to redo everything and change the future?  It sounds cool right because this phenomenon because you basically become an immortal!  However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Subaru who ended up in a similar situation in the anime series Re: Zero.  If you think about it carefully, such kind of power also carries various disadvantages.  You’ll realize that the pain you’ll suffer from every time you die does not wither regardless how many times it is repeated.  You also see people close to you die just to see them alive and well right after you turn back the time which could be awkward.  Subaru met Rem along his journey in the new world while trying to figure out the ins and outs of his weird ability.  Rem is one of the prettiest anime girls introduced in Re: Zero so having her action figure is a great idea to express how you love the series.  The action figure can also serve as a constant reminder to be thankful of what you have and cherish every moment of your life since unlike Subaru, you only go through it all once.



Boa Hancock Action Figure

Anime action figures are mostly child-friendly but those who portray Boa Hancock are exemptions.  Don’t blame the artist for this since Boa Hancock is an exaggerated version of female beauty.  She belongs to the One Piece anime show where she is one of the snake princesses in an island solely governed and inhabited by women.  Boa Hancock’s facial features are as dazzling as her body.  Her huge bumpers paired with a bumper of almost equal size further emphasized her abnormally thin waist.  She looks a bit funny if you compare her to normal women but it can’t be denied that her figure is the epitome of sexiness base on common social standards.   Having a Boa Hancock Action figure in your collection will make it irresistible to look at especially among male anime fans who are tuning in to One Piece and have already been captivated by the snake princess’s beauty.



Megumin Action Figure

Have you ever reached a point in life where you just want to let all your frustrations out and turn them into a huge ball of explosion?  Megumin from the anime series Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo can relate to your qualms.  She is a frustrated magician who specializes in explosion.  The power of her magic is out of the question but no one wants her as a party member since all she can do is unleash everything she got to the point of losing consciousness after casting a single spell.  Megumin is also terrible in controlling her magic so in most cases, everyone including her allies are caught up in her explosions.  So why get an action figure of this disastrous magician?  First of all, Loli is justice. That alone should be more than enough as a reason to get one of her action figures. But if you are still unconvinced, then look at her hidden qualities.  Megumin may be self-centered but she usually changes her mind and realizes the importance of loyalty and friendship before irreversible consequences happen.  She is not the type who will lay down their life for a party member but be rest assured that she will try her best and do something to help even though it usually just worsens the situation.



Yorha No.2 Type B Action Figure

Conspiracy theorists around the world are convinced that robots with human intelligence will someday become a reality.  They are often featured in movies and even in anime shows like Nier: Automata.  Yorha No.2 Type B or in short 2B is among the many android characters introduced in Nier: Automata.  She is a battle android made to aid humans in their struggle against invading alien machine life-forms.  2B might be a bit too pretty to participate in a war but don’t let her looks fool you.  She is equipped with various destructive weapons and her hand to hand combat skills are only second to a few.  This Yorha No.2 Type B Action Figure is not just a thing of beauty but is also a premonition of our future.  Well, if a horrible future would mean pretty and sexy human-like robots freely roaming the streets then it might not be as bad as it seems.



Asuna Action Figure

Asuna  is inarguably the most popular female anime character today which is the reason why she is included in our list of hot anime girls.  She is the main love interest of Kirito in the anime s show Sword Art Online.  One look at her overall feature would explain her current and growing popularity.  She is also depicted as a sweet and kind-hearted partner making her more appealing to SAO fans.  Her changing outfits from one season to another made Asuna a common target among anime action figure collectors.  I’ve encountered a lot of them sold online and this one is the best I can find in terms of detail and quality.  The size might be an issue but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  In the end, how good an action figure is depends on its colors, details, and how closely it represents an anime character and this Asuna Action Figure got them all spot on!


Nami Action Figure

Pirates are known as thieves of the sea.  They are notoriously greedy and merciless which made them an object of fear among sailors and sea travelers especially during the Middle Ages where the navy and other security measures in the sea were nonexistent.  However, this bad reputation has been gradually turned  upside down due to movies and other forms of media featuring pirates as protagonists having just and fun personalities.  One of them is One Piece where Nami belongs.  She is the navigator of Straw Hat Luffy’s pirate crew.  Nami might look like an innocent pretty girl but don’t be deceived since she is quite cunning.  Many admire her for representing strong women who defy the norm that only men deserve to be on top in the dangerous world of pirates.

Hestia Familia Action Figure

Are you a lolicon?  Whether you admit it or not, we can’t deny the fact that loli characters are quite lovable.  They are often innocent, cute, but sexy.  Most anime shows even feature Lolita lead protagonists because of their unique charm.  I’ve seen hundreds of them yet only a few can be compared to Hestia from the anime show Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon.  You should check out this anime series if you are looking for an anime series like Overlord.

She plays as a newbie goddess in the show who is broke and struggles in maintaining her party even though it only has one member, Bell Cranel.  Nevertheless, Hestia works hard and is willing to even lay down her pride for the sake of her partner.  She may be simpleton but this goddess’s loyalty and perseverance is more than anyone can ask for.

Aiz Wallenstein Action Figure

There is always someone around your circle of friends who has everything.  Good looks, high IQ, superb talent in something, and famous and rich family are just a few of things she enjoys.  It’s normal for someone to end up complacent by simply having this outrageous advantages but not Aiz Wallenstein.  She became one of the strongest and most popular adventurer in the anime series Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon not just because of her in-born luxuries but due to hard work and perseverance.  She sacrificed most of her childhood years honing her ability to wield the sword and practicing certain magic to compliment her style.  Having an Aiz Wallenstein action figure in your room as part of your collection can serve as a wakeup call every time you succumbed to laziness.


Hatsune Miku Action Figure

Anime has evolved through the years. It even managed to jump from one platform to another.  One proof to this claim is Hatsune Miku’s popularity as an anime-inspired digital singer.  She is the first vocaloid introduced by Yamaha, a famous Japanese technology brand.  She is an existing proof that androids that were once just a thing of fiction several years ago can turn to reality in the near future.  She may not be a part of an anime show but Miku’s popularity worldwide is unquestionable.  Her ability to interact might be a bit limited as of now but with our fast-growing technology, it will only be a matter of time when we see her on stage doing her own concert while singing and dancing as if she’s a real human.

Female Corrin Action Figure

If you both love video games and anime then it’s most likely that you already played at least one of the titles in the Fire Emblem Game Series.  Along the way, you might have met Corrin, one of the many support characters in the game.  Many prefer her over others because of her useful skills and decent stat.  Her versatility makes it easy for her to blend in a party no matter what build you are focusing on.  Having a Female Corrin Action Figure within sight as you play Fire Emblem will surely improve the overall experience by several notches.  This one in particular is a must have because of its details and vibrant colors.

Have you decided which one to grab?  No pressure though. You have all the time in the world to decide, but do you really? To be honest, these action figures are quite popular so you might miss your rare chance by simply having second thoughts.  Take it from another anime-lover and action figure collector, follow your passion and everything good will follow!  If you stumbled upon other anime character action figures that deserve to be featured, don’t hesitate to give us a heads up! It’s always awesome to hear your feedback good or bad and introduce more cool content from your ideas!  Like always, SHARE AND SPREAD THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

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