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Source Anime is an anime blog where we will share our thought, opinions on anything related to the anime world. The owners of this website are also anime lovers for a very long time already. Everything started with watching Dragon Ball Z which was almost 2 decades ago. Until now, we are still watching Dragon Ball Z episodes.

For us, watching anime shows or episodes is not only a pass time or a simple hobby. It has become part of our life where being unable to watch some anime episodes for a long time makes you feel something is missing. We have watched various anime already with family and friends. And we can prove that regardless of age, anyone can enjoy watching anime.

It is not only about the anime fights, but also the values and lessons you learn from the main characters. Some of these great values or traits are being persistent, doing their best to achieve their goals or dreams and not giving up. Aside from the dram and fighting, anime also has a lot of humor. It’s such great fun to see anime with heavy fight then after some time characters become funny. There are also shows where the main characters are very funny to watch with their unique reactions.

If you are among the many who are into watching anime, hope you enjoy the content on our site. I encourage you to engage with us by sending us a message or giving comments.




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