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Have you just finished watching Sword Art Online, Overlord, Log Horizon, and other famous MMORPG anime series? Are you looking for the best RPG Manga that can satisfy your hunger for the same kind of story with a little bit of twist from here and there? Many have already fallen to the same fate just like you. It can’t be helped since manga titles with a story unfolding around a Role-playing game setup are fun to read. Those who have played a MMORPG can easily relate to the main character’s struggles. It also allows them to reminisce wonderful experiences with friends as they slay monsters to gain level and explore unknown places in-game in search for treasures and unique equipment.

Most of the manga titles we will introduce in this list of top RPG Manga are still new but very promising. Some of them are just  ten chapters long as of the making of this chapter but given their potential it’s likely for them to gain popularity and be continued for years to come.

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World Customize Creator


This manga revolves around Tagami Yusuke. He is a video game fanatic who was summoned to another world. At first, he was clueless as to why it happened and what his real purpose on the new world is. But as his adventure unfolded from one turn of events to another, he slowly realized that he is destined to be the Evil God of Calamity. He met a couple of friends along the way as well a woman who he is very fond of. Whether it is love or simply a deeper friendship towards someone who embraced him wholeheartedly despite being a complete stranger to their world is yet to be confirmed. This mangga offers a great balance of mystery, action, romance, and RPG elements making it a must-read.

Goblin Slayer


Often than not, goblins are treated as low-level and worthless monsters in the MMORPG world. They are monsters that we need to kill early in the game to gain battle experience and a couple of levels in preparation for bolder adventures ahead. However, this is not the case for Goblin Slayer. Despite being a Platinum rank adventurer, he is devoted in only accepting quests that involve killing goblins. This weird mindset annoyed a lot of adventurers around him. He is also an introvert which made things worse to the point that even adventurers below his rank do not give him due respect.  Will our hero be able to save the day and improve his relationship with co-adventurers? Or will his hate for goblins consume him in the end? This mangga will surely entertain every reader who understands the concepts surrounding MMORPG especially those who are into gore.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou


Being a professional gamer is teenager’s dream a few years back. But now, because of the exponential boom of the MMORPG industry it has become a reality. Millions aspire to be one and you can’t blame them. Who could pass the opportunity to make a living while doing the thing you love most? The only catch is that among the millions who want to take on online gaming as a profession, only a handful can be successful. They are considered the best of the best and one of them is Ye Xiu. With his powerful game avatar, he dominated the MMOPRG Glory and has led his team to several championships for several years. But if our main character is exceptionally good from the start, what’s the predicament?  He was forced out of their team leaving his account behind. News spread about his retirement but it was not the case. He promised to regain back what was lost and reach even greater heights with a new character yet the same old unbeatable gaming sense.



Tomokui Kanata was murdered by a person he truly trust in his past life. To anyone who believes in reincarnation this would instantly mean good karma in his next life. Nonetheless, it was the other way around. He was resurrected as a goblin which is considered as one of the weakest races in his new world.  Probably his only saving grace is that his memory from previous life was still intact. This gave him a great advantage among his peers and made it easy for him to be their leader. He also gained unique and powerful skills from consuming monsters. Although it’s undeniably that our main protagonist is overpowered, risks are still around. Powerful beings like him lurk in the shadows and huge countries that are home to heroes are now intimidated by his presence. How will a mere goblin rule over the lands? Is he truly destined for greatness or will he eventually fall to a miserable death just like in his previous life?

The Rising of the Shield Hero


Being an Otaku is frowned upon by many. Some consider it synonymous to laziness while others simply think of it as a time-wasting hobby. This is not true for our main protagonist Naofumi Iwatani. His passion for anime might be one of the reasons why he was transported to another world to be the Shield Hero. It may seem like good news but it’s the contrary. The Shield hero is considered the weakest. He was also put into a bad situation right from the start so no one dared to help him become what he is expected to be. Will our hero from another world prove them wrong? Is the Shield Hero really the weakest? You’ll be hooked to this mangga right from the get go so don’t be surprised if you end up in the most recent chapter in just a few days.

The New Gate


Shin just finished a game that trapped thousands of players in a virtual world. He thought his mission as a hero ended but that was not the case. He was transported to another world. Or is it really a new one? Shin eventually realizes that it was the same world but a few hundred years after he liberated his fellow players. He is absurdly strong in the current world. However, this is not an assurance that none can harm him as he search for a new way to wake up and come back to the real world.  This mangga is teeming with intense battles. The art style might not be as flashy compared to new mangga titles but they are well organized and the actions are vividly illustrated making it easy to imagine what is happening and be fully immersed in every page.

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


Love story is common in mangga. The male protagonist usually gets the girl after saving him from a predicament. This means it’s a requirement for him to be strong. This is where this mangga moved away from the norms. Our hero, Bell Cranel, is weak. Although this might not be true if we consider his innermost potential, he still started as someone who finds it hard to defeat the weakest monster in the dungeon. His dream is to save a beautiful princess in the dungeon but at his current state it’s far from happening. How can our hero improve? Is he really weak like others say? Or is there a secret power within him that is waiting to be unleashed?

Only Sense Online


In any MMORPG it’s normal for players to focus on combat skills. Who would want to find themselves unable to kill a measly slime because they leveled up the wrong status points or skills?  This is also an unwritten rule in Only Sense Online. This MMORPG features the Sense system where players choose what senses they want right from the start. Whether they’ll be great in the future or mediocre greatly depends on the senses they choose and how they can combine them. Yun decided to play with his sisters. He was clueless about virtual reality games until now. This is a great disadvantage but it can be considered negligible compared to how he chose his senses. They are all considered useless by many. Even his sisters instantly conclude that he can easily turn out as a trash character if he won’t find a way around his poor selection of sense. But is this really the case? How can Yun turn this around and become one of the best players in Only Sense Online?

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita


RPG mangga titles usually have their protagonist transported to a new world as man or any other fantasy world race. This one takes creativity to another notch by having the main character reincarnated as a magical sword. He died in his past life from a hit and run caused by a couple making out in their car. The fact that he was single back then aggravated the wound. We turned out to be a strong sword. He can even swing and use magic on his own. He easily killed weaker monsters around him and gained immense strength from the get go until he was trapped in a soil that slowly absorbed his energy and disabled his magic. His adventure started when a pretty slave beast girl saved him from the trap and started wielding him. Will his power be enough to protect the little girl? Can he reach unimaginable heights despite being just a sword?

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


Earning real money from a MMORPG is possible. However, only a few takes it seriously like Lee Hyun. He became a legend in a previous MMORPG and due to misfortunes lost a lot the money he got after selling his account. With only a few options left to earn a living for his grandmother and sister, he decided to embark on a new journey in Royal Road, a new virtual reality MMORPG. He created a character named Weed and was forced to a rare but seemingly useless class, sculptor. Can Weed discover the secret behind his class? Will his wits in playing MMORPGs help him overcome various trials ahead?

Feel free to share or leave a comment if you find an RPG mangga that you think is better than the ones included in this list.




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