One Punch Man Review – Why It’s Among the Best Anime Ever

One-Punch Man is a webcomic Japanese character that was created in 2009 and instantly became one of the most popular. It had been directed in a way of creating a comedy by a superhero. The superhero role is named as Saitama who could win the battle by fighting with any villain with just one punch (cool right?). He is able to do this because he is insanely strong, fast and full of energy. Surprisingly, his face is in expressionless most of the time.

If you are looking for one reason to watch this anime, it is unanimously known as the best anime of 2015 and many are claiming it to be one of the best anime ever created. So there is only one way to confirm it, watch it yourself.


One Punch Man webcomic got hit talk and many praises from different audiences across the globe.  It gives a unique anime experience which is different from other anime – it’s just so cool and fun to watch. There are a lot of funny scenes in every single episode so you will not get bored with it. Additionally, it provides you with a different yet simple storyline. So its not hard to fall in love with it.

If you’re an anime lover, you will definitely love One-Punch Man. During the initial release of One Punch Man many got hooked. A lot of anime fans have been waiting for each and every episode.

The story revolves around Saitama who wanted to play the role of a hero. For 3 years he had undergone serious training which is one of the reasons why he became bald. And as he claims the reason for his strength. When strong villains appear, they are not aware of Saitama’s out of this world strength and power.

Even though Saitama easily defeats strong enemies, a lot of people thought that he cheats and only delivers the last blow. No one gives him due credit. Good thing someone advised him to register to the Hero Association for him to become a certified hero.


The anime One-Punch Man is well known for comedy, characters, outrageous plot, and ridiculous schoolboy dialogue. Here, I mentioned you some names of villains so that you can easily know what type of comic film it is that included Crablante, Ground Dragon, Armored Gorilla, Subterranean, Vaccine Man, Piggy Bank, and Mosquito Girl.

Aside from these interesting villains, you will also get interested in the various superheroes in this series who are members of the HERO Association.  One of these will eventually become the partner of our main character in the name of Janus. He personally saw how strong Saitama is which led to his desire to become Saitama’s disciple.  Janus just wanted to become strong like Saitama to get his revenge.

Image source-IGN Southeast Asia

Animation and Audio

The series of One Punch Man is showing you a good anime scenes and the surface of events happened in the series allows getting to know the truth rarely. If you want to view it in a high-quality picture, you need to go to Blu-Ray option and enjoy the series of anime section of One Punch Man. The series was produced by the leading anime studio provider Madhouse and the series is showing you some of the best studio’s work. They are the reason of the intense action in this anime series that have gotten the attention of millions of fans.

Its just great to see the transition of the animation from Saitama being pathetic to becoming intense and back to being pathetic again. You’ll understand when you watch the anime yourself.

Image source-Reddit Color Manga Project Colors One Punch Man!


Saitama superhero character in One Punch Man really attracts every audience from kids, teens, young ones and the not so young generation. In this anime series, a lot of effort has been put and surely does the show justice. It is a classic anime series and really waiting to watch next season to be released this year. One-Punch Man is now available in Blu-ray and DVD that you can purchase on best retailers like Amazon.

Overall, we just love everything from this anime series which is the reason why we are giving it a rating of 9/10.

Why excited for the release of Season 2

All throughout the series, there are an incredible set of battles in which various superhero or Saitama have to face insane characters. Though we all know what would be the ending, the action scenes are still pretty cool that would make you want for more. Each episode of this 12-episode anime is worth watching, no time-waster. There is a back-story line that gives the excitement to see the next episode. That means it hooks up the audience on everything ending and leaves them on the edge looking for more and what would happen next.

Sword Art Online Alicization (Season 3)- Is this SAO’s redemption?

The Sword Art Online anime series started the MMORPG trend. It took the world by storm and easily gathered millions of avid fans across the globe. The biggest TV station in our country even featured SAO during its heyday telling how anime fans of all ages are getting hooked to Kirito and Asuna’s love story. Fast forward a couple of years after the first season, SAO seems to be losing its edge. Many dropped it saying that the story failed to emphasize what viewers want, which is more time with the couple together as well as more RPG-inspired fights. What SAO has been continuously doing is introduce new female leads and forcing them into Kirito’s harem. This approach has been proven to be unpopular among SAO fans. And the continuous decline of SAO’s popularity through the years is a clear indication that viewers are not happy of how the whole story is going from one season to another. Nevertheless, the third season, Sword Art Online Alicization, is quite promising. For the first time, Kirito is not adventuring in a new virtual world with another girl but a young boy who aims to save his childhood friend. Does this indicate that the people behind SAO is listening to its loyal patrons? Doe Sword Art Online Alicization live up to the hype?



Visuals: 4/5


They completely overhauled the SAO animation. This is expected since they hired a new animation studio to do the work. Many are not happy about this but it’s not really a big deal for me. Yes, it turned out a little bit childish because of the colors and drawing style but it’s not that bad.



Voice Acting: 4/5

I’m not a fan of Kirito’s voice especially when he screamed as the goblin leader cornered him. It almost sounded like a girl being harassed and pleading for help. I prefer male heroes to have a deeper voice. I know they are complimenting Kirito’ voice with his thin and small physique but I’m sure he’ll turn out to be more lovable and manly with a deeper one.


Watch the Official Trailer Here:

Characters: 3/5

Eugeo and Alice Schuberg are just two of the many new characters introduced in the third season of Sword Art Online. Sadly, they’re not as unique an interesting as we expect them to be. Eugeo resembles the old Kirito. He belittles himself after failing to save Alice from being apprehended by an Integrity Knight. And Alice is like the new Asuna. She was punished for defying a taboo and had her memory replaced with fake ones. This story and character development are basically re-imagined versions of what we saw in the second season of SAO where Kirito saves Asuna from being kidnapped. The added new game-like skills, rules, and the mysteries behind the antagonists that are ruling the fantasy world made the story quite interesting at first but once they are all revealed, you’ll realize that you’re served with food made while following the same old recipe.



Plot progression (as of 13 episodes): 3/5

I have no problem about the pace of Sword Art Online Alicization. It’s not so fast to the point of skipping fine details about the story and not slow enough to bore viewers. But why is its score just 3? The main reason behind this is the fact that I am 13 episodes in yet the main antagonist is still yet to be established. At first, I thought it was the people behind the project that uses a virtual world to develop new souls but they were simply doing it to improve the government’s military force and save real lives in the near future. Kirito might not like their way of thinking but their acts are not despicable enough to be considered villains. The church in the fantasy world where Kirito is trapped is a good candidate for being the main antagonist but the leader who is pulling all the strings is yet to be introduced. When will they reveal it? I know it is part of making the show thrilling but keeping it a secret halfway through the story is overdoing it.



Is it a Nay or Yay? Borderline Yay!

Is it the saving grace of the SAO anime series? Sword Art Online Alicization is very promising but not good enough to fully lift the franchise to its former glory. Or maybe I’m concluding to early? We’ll see. I’m rooting for SAO Alicization’s success though. I want it to have a clear conclusion like the first season while leaving a few loose ends to hint a continuation. And because of this glimmer of hope, I’m giving it a borderline yay! I won’t put an effort in introducing this anime to my friends but I won’t have any qualm in recommending and giving it a decent remark if they ask.


Sword Art Alicization Photos:



There you have it guys!  When everything is all said and done, the SAO anime franchise is still one of the most successful to date.  Although its second season failed to reach everyone’s expectations, we should not put all the blame to the creators.  Maybe our standards skyrocketed after enjoying the first season so much to the extent that everything new and different introduced in the second season all ended up being compared to the first and were all hated as a result.  Before you watch Sword Art Online III, I suggest to open your mind.  Forget about your first season experience and treat it as a new anime as a whole with familiar characters you’ve learned to love following a different story line.  By doing so, you’ll diverge from the path of comparing every bit of detail in the new anime series with its predecessors and enjoy it more. Give it a try and don’t just dump it after a one or two episodes like I did at first.  You’ll surely see that it delivers a new taste and is worth your time!  As always, give us a LIKE and continue to SHARE the anime love mina!

Is Attack on Titan a good starter Anime?

Yes, mainly because it’s interesting, has unique characters, a well-written story and plot and to top it all a very high production value. If you want to introduce anime to any of your friends, Attack on Titan would be a good choice. Continue reading to know more.


Anime Genre

Horror / Post Apocalyptic / Zombie



Side Characters were given Emphasis


Only a few anime series have spent time in showcasing side characters. They focus too much on the main characters. This is the reason why an anime that manages to build dramatic tension on side characters are well-appreciated by many anime fans. If the story only focuses on the main characters, it becomes less interesting in the long run.



Excellent Story


AOT fans often mention that this anime has an excellent story with good pacing and I would totally agree with it. You will love the series because its easy to follow and you could easily grasp what is happening. You do not need to have a deep understanding of the Japanese culture in order to understand what is happening. Plus, events are not hastily made which gives a lot of time for you to appreciate the moment – get scared and excited.


Though the general story is a bit cliche, because in general it’s about the survival of men against monsters. But, we all would agree that do we love this kind of scenario which is the main reason why a lot of zombie shows and movies have become a big hit. People these days have this different kind of interest and preference on shows that shows the survival instinct of men against adversaries that threaten their existence.


No FanService


Though I personally like fan service, there are times that too much of it can be really annoying. There is now a lot of anime where lewdness is somewhat a common scene. Though some likes this, there are also many who do not appreciate it.  Its a good thing in my personal perspective that there is no fanservice in this anime series.


Attack on Titan is definitely an anime for everyone. The moment you watch it until episode 3, you will surely be hooked and will continue watching it. The only thing that one might not like about this anime is its rudeness, I mean there are a lot of killings and blood.
Checklist of a Good Starter Anime
  • unique characters
  • good animation
  • well written story
  • little to no fan service
  • easy to understand especially to those who have no experience watching an anime before
  • praised by a good number of anime fans
  • you see high schoolers wearing merchandise from it
  • a show that sparks interest





If I will use our checklist, all Attack on Titans satisfies all of these. Which means that the answer to our question is a big YES. But, at the end of the day, we could generally say that AOT is a good starter anime, but it would still depend on the people who would be watching it. If your friends are into horror or zombie type of shows, then it would be a perfect fit.
Just in case, your friends are not into this type genre, the other best option would be Death Note.

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime: Does this RPG anime offer something new?

Are you frustrated about Sword Art Online III?  Do you love RPG anime but the new ones you’ve watched did not go well with your taste? Then look nowhere else because That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime is likely to be the perfect match for you.

How can I confidently say such a statement?  I’ve read almost every RPG manga even the least popular ones and watched their respective anime adaptations.  Among all of them, That Time I go Reincarnated as a Slime, stands out as the most complete.  It’s an anime series that you’ll enjoy from the get-go.  First of all, it’s not hard to root for the main protagonist who got reincarnated as the weakest monster in almost every RPG, a slime.  I know he is not an ordinary one but his small and adorable appearance makes it impossible to hate him.  He also has an easy-going personality.  Second, this anime has a few boring moments.  Interesting events keep coming like a landslide to keep us entertained.  Humor is also sprinkled every now and then which serve as great breaks before serious and important plot elements are introduced.  You might have noticed that I’ve already on board to this anime’s hype train and honestly I am.   Read further if you want to know how That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime captured my heart and other thousands of anime fans despite embracing an overused storyline.


Mind watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Trailer?


Visuals: 4/5

I love it.  Every new RPG anime seems to get better visually nowadays.  As long as it’s not as bad as what they did to Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, I’m happy.  The animation sequence that I like the most is when Rimuru, the main protagonist, consults with Great Sage.  The Great Sage talks like an AI in a Sci-Fi movie which is really cool and the animation that comes with it completes the futuristic atmosphere.  It even makes me think that he might be reincarnated inside a game and not in the real world.  The fight scenes animation is also impressive.  It’s not as detailed as good as Seven Deadly Sins but it is still very entertaining. I would love to give it a perfect score but I’m reserving that for an anime who can blend both 2d and 3d animation and so far only Overlord attempted it with a passing grade.



Voice Acting: 3/5

I’m not really a fan of Rimuru’s voice as a slime.  He was an adult in his past life with a much deeper voice so why did he lose that?  I can understand sounding like a child as he mimics Shizue but as a slime I think it would have been better if he retained his voice during his past life because he can’t speak and it’s just for us to know what’s in his mind as the story progress.  Well, this is just my opinion and you might think otherwise.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  The voices of the supporting characters are good enough except for Ranga.  It echoes like he is a spirit or something.  I know it is to suggest that he speaks through telepathy but it would have been better if it’s done with a livelier and energetic voice to match a wolf’s personality.



Characters: 4/5

I love every character this anime series introduces from one episode to another.  They are unique compared to other RPG anime.  Yes, the orcs are still pigs but they have samurai-inspired ogres.  The ogre’s appearances are far from their ugly and fat RPG counterparts.  Based on how the story is currently going, their group will be Rimuru’s most powerful and loyal subordinates. The dragon Veldora also has a lovable personality.  He is prideful like other overpowered characters but he is secretly lonely and has a childish personality.  I find it very funny when he tried to stop Rimuru from leaving during their first meeting because he was lonely an wants a friend to talk to while still acting tough.



Plot progression (as of 3 episodes): 3/5

The pace of the story is good enough but I really want new plot twists.  I’ve watched almost every new RPG anime titles so I can say that it just follows a similar route to its predecessors.  This is acceptable for those who are new to this anime genre but not for those who have already watched Sword Art Online, Overlord, and the likes.  I’m expecting Rimuru will build his own country where all races are accepted and be a good ruler.  Other countries will disrupt the peace either because they are jealous of Rimuru’s achievements or they are against humans interacting with monsters.  This storyline is too scratched.  But I’m hoping That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime will give us something new in the coming episodes.



So it is a Nay or Yay? Yay!

Do you play RPG?  Are you a fan of fantasy world anime?  Regardless if it’s either the two or both, you should watch That Time I go Reincarnated as a Slime.  This promising RPG anime will surely entertain you.  Don’t be fooled by other saying it’s very similar to Overlord and others that belong to the same genre because it’s not.  Yes, it’s an overpowered MC but not to the point that he is unbeatable.  He is reincarnated to another world but not as a human or other usual races but a mere slime.  And he has strong allies but they are not originally strong and they develop along with him. Watching Rimuru and his group progress as a community and overcome hardships together is definitely worth the time.


Check out these That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime images!


That’s my take on That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime.  The holidays are fast approaching so I don’t know if I can squeeze in watching and writing more anime reviews in my schedule but I’ll try.  Are there anime shows you want to be reviewed?  If that’s so, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments sections below.  As you might have noticed I only feature anime shows that interests me as of now but I give any title a chance especially those that are highly recommended by fellow anime lovers.   As always give us a LIKE and don’t forget to SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

Goblin Slayer: Does it live up to the hype?

The anime world has tons to offer when it comes to RPG/game inspired titles. From the pioneers like, Sword Art Online, down to the newcomers like Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, they introduce new flavors to spice up the genre and keep us wanting for more.

I’ve read a few chapters of the Goblin Slayer manga and was a bit impressed by how they came up with something different. Most RPG-inspired anime shows focus on strong demon lords and huge black dragons as their main antagonists. Goblin Slayer as the name suggests only has goblins as the main enemy. If you have even a little bit of RPG experience then you’ll know that they are among the weakest creature.

But Goblin Slayer, the main protagonists’ real name, thinks of it differently. He believes that goblins are the ultimate enemies of men and should be eradicated on site. His obsession with killing goblins and only goblins turned him into their races’ worst nightmare.

Watch the Goblin Slayer Trailer: 

Visuals: 5/5

Goblin Slayer’s animation and overall visual vibe are outstanding. I was thinking of giving it 5 stars even just after watching its intro.

Colors are also vibrant which surprised me because I expected it to lean towards a darker tone after considering all the brutal scenes in its novel origin. The fluid fight scenes sealed the deal for me. Though short, they are exciting to watch and the character’s movements flow naturally. Topped with decent visual effects, the fight scenes in Goblin Slayer do not just live by the hype in terms of violence but also in entertainment value.

If only the Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’s anime rendition was done the same, it would have been an instant hit.

Voice Acting: 4/5

The voices match the characters well. This is true for Goblin Slayer. Though I would love a deeper voice for him, it’s not to the point that I’ll complain about it. Other character’s voices also complement their corresponding personalities well.

Characters: 3/5

Goblin Slayer’s character is creative and new. However, the rest are not. They are the usual characters we see in RPG-inspired anime. It would help if they can provide even a brief background story for the supporting characters like what they’ve done for Goblin Slayer in the early episodes.

Plot progression (as of 3 episodes): 4/5

The story is a bit fast-paced which I like. I know some of you prefer things to be slower so more details can be introduced white giving us enough time to gain a better understanding of the fantasy world the characters are living but I find such kind of development a bit boring.

Don’t worry because Goblin Slayer’s pace isn’t too fast. There are slow and relaxed scenes here and there. The part where he shared a breakfast with his childhood friend and her father is a good example. It gave us a hint of Goblin Slayer’s simple life and slowed down the story before he jumped into another goblin-slaying quest.

So it is a Nay or Yay? Super Yay!

Goblin Slayer is not just a Yay but a Super Yay! I love it. All those who loved Sword Art Online and other RPG anime should give it a chance. Brutality is there so heads up if you can’t handle it. I’m against the idea of toning the violence down because it gave Goblin Slayer its unique identity. This anime is aimed at mature audiences who were once or are still playing Role-Playing games and want to be entertained by both worlds at the same time.

A few screenshots to convince you more to watch Goblin Slayer:



So that’s it.  Goblin Slayer is a 2018 anime series you should never miss!   So for now, excuse me because I’ll be watching a few more Goblin Slayer episodes and I hope they are as good as the previous 3.  Come and watch with me!  Or if by any reason you can’t do so, then read a few more of the anime articles I’ve written.  You can also say Hi in the comments section and give your personal thoughts about Goblin Slayer.   As always, give us a LIKE and SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

Is Fairy Tail a Good Anime to Watch?

Fairy tail is one of the popular anime series these days and its already in its 3rd Season. One thing for sure, an anime that got this far would certainly mean that it’s a good anime and is being watched by a lot of anime enthusiasts. Below, let’s get into more details why this anime is worth watching and if its the kind of anime you would be willing to spend your time.


Well Polished and Interesting Characters


One of the main reasons we continue watching an anime series after seeing a couple of episodes is the personality of the characters. Most of the time, we search for characters who are interesting and fun to watch which is the main reason why One Punch Man was a big hit.



In fairy tail, there is a fairly large number of characters closely similar to One Piece and Naruto. The main characters are the ones that stands out and have a good amount of screen time all throughout the series. Thus, you will not fall short of meeting interesting characters which will make you look forward to the next episodes.


One of the best things about fairy tail is that aside from highlighting the main characters, it also gives enough time for the story of side characters. With this, you will still even remember even those characters who are less important. This makes the anime series more interesting.


With this many interesting characters, you will certainly have a lot of favorite characters aside from the main protagonists.



Strong Female Anime Characters



Another thing that makes this anime worth watching is the number of strong female characters. I think a lot of anime lovers are used to seeing strong male characters that is why it becomes pretty cool and amazing to an extent when female characters are pretty strong. In fairy tail, among the strongest would be Erza, Mirajane, Juvia and Lucy.


Aside from being strong, they also have different type of skills and magic powers which is very awesome to watch.


Very Good Story Line


The writers of this anime series have been doing well when it comes to the storyline. I personally think that it keeps getting better every chapter. Thou, of course, there are times that a certain arc is less interesting, but overall I like how the whole story is evolving.


If you watch the first few episodes, you might think that the story is going nowhere. However, as you continue with following the next episodes, you will slowly understand the story and eventually appreciate where it is leading. I suggest you don’t judge the storyline just by watching a few episodes.


Many are saying that you have to wait until episodes 20-25 before you are going to appreciate the story which I somehow agree. Personally, I’m not that critical with the storyline. As long as the anime can keep me interested in watching the next episode, I will continue to watch it.


I could assure you that if you made it to episode 20+, it will be hard to stop watching this anime. It is just pretty much interesting and lots of likable characters.


Great Fight Scenes


Many would definitely agree that the fight scenes of fairy tail are one of its main selling points. If you are into action-adventure anime, this would certainly satisfy you. It’s beyond this world. Plus, these fight scenes are backed up with great background music which makes it even more fun to watch. When the sound changes and it becomes intense, expect an epic battle to unfold. Also, watch out for those excellent scenes where a fight is ended in a very clever way which is really cool.



You will definitely appreciate the action scenes of FT because of its quality animation. Many are saying that this anime is a ‘feel good’ anime which is the reason why animation matters. Good thing the people behind this anime was able to hit the mark on this.


Another thing about the action scenes is that you know that there is a possibility that some of the good guys would die. Though not that many since of course, it’s always the good guys who will win. But, it will still lead you at the edge of your seat where you feel the tension in every fight.


It is also good to note that important fight scenes, those we consider as epic fight scenes are not too dragged by back stories. Just when you think that there will be a lot of talk on part of the antagonist, the main character immediately charges and starts the fight. When its time to fight, the fighting is done without too much delay unlike other anime series where the backstory could last for one episode before the fight starts.


Though there are a lot of fight scenes, there are also times that characters get emotional which is a good point.


If you are among the million of DBZ fans, there is a big chance that you will also like Fairy Tail. It’s an anime that most likely you will remember because of the battle scenes.


Fun to Watch


In order for an anime series to last long, it must be fun to watch. FT never fall short of having comic scenes in all their episodes. It’s great since one of the reasons we watch anime is to have fun, relax and enjoy. I can say that in general, Fairy Tail is a fun anime.  It has a light story, fun characters, bright and colorful animation – all this makes you watch the anime with a smile.



Aside from being fun to watch, watching the anime would also give you a sense of hope and inspiration. Hope in the sense that whenever you are down and at your lowest, expect that someone will be there to pick you up like your friends or family. The idea is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It will inspire you to love, trust and be glad that you have your friends around. The anime has a very strong message about bonds and friendship.


Some Negative Points


Even though there are a lot of good things to say about this anime, there are still some things that could be improved. Many would agree that there are some events in the anime that are too predictable. They say that some ending part of every story or arc is cliche, this could be due to the different anime series that have already been released and finished prior to Fairy Tail. However, the writers could do better in lessening cliche.


Anime Rating:




So to the question ‘Is fairy tail a good anime to watch?’. The answer is a Big YES!


Who Is Aureole Omega? Overlord’s Seventh Pleiades & Gatekeeper Of Nazarick

The third season of Overlord just ended so I know a lot of you are still in the denial stage.  Everyone who stay tuned from the first season wants more.  And it’s a fact that there are a lot of available materials left in the novel for them to use to come up with a 4th or even up to the 5th season.  Sadly, the anime studio behind it rarely extends their work beyond three seasons so it is still a tossup if Overlord’s anime adaptation will continue or not.   But don’t be sad.  Let’s just hope and pray that Overlord’s growing popularity continues enough for producers and other animation studios to make their move.

To at least help you deal with your separation anxiety, why not talk about Overlord characters that did not appear in its anime rendition?  There are a couple of them but the most significant I can think of is Aureole Omega, the leader of Nazarick’s Pleiades Battle Maids.  She is the last born which means the youngest.  It’s true that she has been mentioned only a few times in the novel but her personality and possible abilities awakened the interests of many.



What made Aureole Omega special?

Probably the biggest difference of Aureole compared to her sisters is that she’s level 100. This means she can stand toe-to-toe against Dimiurge, Albedo, Shalltear, and the rest of the Nazarick floor guardians if we only consider power levels.  By being strong, she qualified to be the protector of the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown whenever it is not by Ainz.  This is probably among the biggest responsibilities within the guild because the staff is considered their most precious possession.  The fact that Ainz is confident enough to leave it to Aureoles shows his level of confidence towards the maid’s battle abilities and loyalty.



Will she ever leave the Tomb of Nazarick?

The story is far from over because there are still a lot of questions left unanswered, places unexplored, and figures already mentioned in the previous chapters that are yet to be met by the main characters.  There is always a possibility for Aureole to leave Nazarick to either perform a secret mission or help Ainz achieve his goals.  The rest of her sisters already had their moments and only Aureole and Yuri Alpha are in line to have greater involvement in Ainz’s adventures.  It may be that the two of them along with Mare escort Ainz to the Elf Kingdom.  Intruders from the Black Scriptures may also try to infiltrate the Tomb of Nazarick to know more about Ainz and it will be Aureole’s turn to protect her territory.



Why is she considered one of Ainz’s trump cards?

Ainz’s major concern as he starts to explore the new world is the presence of players just like him.  His worries even grew as Shalltear, the strongest among the NPCs, was brainwashed.  Ainz still doesn’t know anything about the person or item that brainwashed Shalltear.  Can it be done multiple times?  What are the conditions for it to be used?  These questions remained unanswered which is why Ainz takes precautions every time he allows his subordinates to join him in his adventures or fulfill tasks outside the Tomb of Nazarick.   If a player does exist and he/she becomes a threat to their guild, then Ainz will be left with no option but to fight.  He needs as much firepower possible during this dire situation and Aureole Omega can be a great source because she can instantly turn the tides of the battle with her level and commanding skills.



What other abilities does she most likely have?

Aureole Omega can use Gate.  It is regarded as the most advanced teleportation skill.  With this in mind, it’s possible that she can use other skills that allow her to manipulate dimensions and time.  She wears a traditional kimono so she might also have samurai-like abilities.  All of her sisters wield weapons so she should have one as well and a short katana perfectly matches her outfit.  It was mentioned in the novel that she can boost her allies’ stats with a skill so it’s expected that she also has debuff skills in her arsenal.  It will be easy to build an impregnable wall to protect the Tomb of Nazarick with her in the center of the formation along with the rest of her sisters.



Can Aureole Omega defeat a player on her own?

With her level, Aureole can buy some time before falling against a player.  NPCs have limited skills and items so they really don’t stand a chance against players unless they have a great class advantage.  Moreover, Aureole’s confirmed skills are only for supporting and organizing allies so she may have limited abilities that can be handy in a one-on-one setting.   But as long as she can stand her ground for a couple of minutes, she’s good enough to face a player.  Ainz can simply revive her and use all the intel he can get from Aureole’s encounter against the player so he can devise a plan to assure victory.


Aureole Omega Fan Arts:


Now that you know more about Aureole Omega, be sure to read share this article with your friends who are also fans of Overlord just like us.  They may not have read the Overlord novel and completely miss out this interesting character.  If you have other interesting facts about Aureole Omega be sure to share them in the comments section below.   Thank you for reading and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

Bell Cranel – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Bell Cranel is the main character in the anime series. He is an adventurer who wanted to get stronger in order to serve his Goddess Hestia to the fullest and to catch up to the one who inspires him. He was given the title Little Rookie mainly. This is because he is just a starter. However, amidst being a rookie he was already found with great potentials and has got some commendable achievements.



A younger teenager with white hair and very expressive eyes. I could say that he is cute since I lot of female characters seems him that way and most of them become attracted to him at first meeting. Even though his life is at risk during adventures in the tower, he prefers light weight armors. He wears a high boots, black pants and black long sleeves aside from his armor. He also has a small sword which is a gift from his Goddess.
bell cranel in battle



Bell is your typical shy type teenage boy. He gets shy when there are other people especially girls who want to be close to him. His main concern is helping his Goddess to the best of his abilities, protecting her and bringing the best for their familia. He has a deep concern for people who is very special to him.
The only problem with his personality is his trusting nature. He is easy on trust even to complete strangers. I think he just wants to show other people that they can be who they are in front of him and that he is willing to accept them as who they are. But, this character often leads to dire situations for him.
He has the tendency to help others regardless of the situation and even though it could mean the end of his life. He doesn’t care as long as he commits to what he believes is right.




Fighting Skills

He has excellent fighting skills. And his light armor makes him more agile when it comes to battle. He could easily dodge and attack when needed.
Bell is fast so he could easily get to a certain spot or area where he has a big advantage to strike the enemy.


Liaris Freese

This is the skill that makes him grow really fast. That is why he is able to reach a high level in a faster rate than the usual adventurers. As long as his feelings are strong towards something like his desire to protect his Goddess, this ability will last.



I think this is the handiest skill for a person like Bell. He easily gets into a dire situation; however he doesn’t run out of luck due to this skill. As Hestia mentioned, it is like he has a divine protection. This could also explain why they get a lot of drops when he clears dungeons.



This skill is used to strengthen his attacks. This is very useful for situations where there are very strong enemy and he has to rely on an attack that could defeat the enemy in one strike. Bell is able to use this skill more efficiently as he continues to experiment on it and use it in battle.




Hestia Knife

This knife was crafted Hephaestus who is a Goddess. It was due to a request from Hestia who is the Goddess of Bell. She wants to give bell this gift for him to become stronger and have a better chance of surviving in the dungeon.


The best thing about this weapon is it’s alive and becomes stronger as the wilder continues to grow. This could mean that the possibilities for this knife are limitless as long as Bell continue to level up.
There is nothing much special in the knife when you look at it physically aside from the hieroglyphics embedded in it. Additionally, the knife only works in the hands of Bell. If others use it, it will just be a dull and useless knife.



Prior to having Hestia Knife, the first weapon of bell is a dagger.


Salamander Wool

It’s a red clock that serves as a protection against fire attacks.


Green Supporter

This equipment is a gift from Eina – a close friend of Bell. It serves as a protection and is lightweight which Bell prefers a lot.


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Review

Though there are really a lot of girl characters in this anime that somehow got attached to the Bell who is the main characters, there is a lot more to this anime. It’s not all fanservice.
The whole story of this anime revolves about the main character Bell and her Goddess Hestia. Bell is a rookie adventurer who suddenly became famous due to his accomplishments. The main character easily attracts gilrs not only because of his charm, but also because of his personality. He looks so innocent.



Fight Scenes

If you are after action and fight scenes, then this anime will surely satisfy you. When there are dungeons, there are definitely monsters and adventures and this makes the anime action packed. Aside from sword skills, adventurers can also use magic making things a lot more fun and really interesting to watch.


The anime focuses on how the main character gets stronger as the day goes by and as he slowly climb up the dungeon and meeting stronger enemies/creatures.



There are also a lot of interesting characters in this anime series like Aiz Wallenstein. She is the girl whom Bell idolizes so much because of her swordsmanship. She is one of the strongest characters in this anime series.


The different Goddess in the anime are also very interesting. Though they did not get as much screen time on this series yet, surely for the future seasons, some of them will be highlighted and will make things pretty much interesting. Some of these Goddesses are Hephaestus, Hermes and Freya who seems to be one of the antagonists.
Other characters to watch out would be Mikoto, Asfi, Riveria and Welf.



It is best to mention that the setting of the anime is that of a MMORPG where adventurers level up and gain new skills and abilities. The only difference is that there is no re-spawn, when you are killed in the dungeon, you die. Adventurers grow as they continue to kill monsters as part of clearing parts of the dungeon.
The same as in an RPG game, then a monster is killed, it explodes and leaves gold, gems or items. So if you are a gamer, you would certainly appreciate this anime and would be very much interested to watch it.
This is also the main reason why when I watched this anime, it only took me 3 days to finish the whole season 1.


How about Fanservice?

I am personally not a fan of fanservice, for a find it uncomfortable to watch. However, I think it has become a part of most anime series. For Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, it was just right. It was not horrible for me. The only character with most fanservice is Hestia with her really large boobs, but aside from that, everything is cool.


The title might make you think that there will be lots of panty shots in this anime, but great to know that there is nothing like this in the anime. But still, you will see the face of the main character in the boobs of girl characters, not that often though.


Design and Animation

For me, everything in the design an animation was crafted well. I could give it a 9/10. The first thing you’ll notice when it comes to the character designs is how they were able to make them different. Every main character looks different. You can confirm for yourself by going to this link: Character Design.


So, Is it Recommended?

I would say YES. If given a rating, it would be 7/10. This is no good for those who are looking for lots of fanservice – it’s great to let this know upfront. However, when it comes to story, action, drama and characters, it is something that you would certainly enjoy watching.
Also a heads-up for those who are easily irritated with dumb main characters, I think most of the time, Bell is just so dumb failing to see through things.



Watch the Trailer Here:


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The Best Anime in Hulu We Should be Watching Now!

We enjoy anime shows in different ways.  The majority choose to watch via free websites and the reason why is very obvious.  Why pay for something you can have for free?  But we can all agree that doing so will not help the anime industry other than spreading its popularity.  I too am guilty of this selfish act.  I really can’t spare a few dollars to pay a monthly subscription to watch anime on premium video-hosting websites like Hulu knowing that there are other important bills I need to settle.  Talk about the dark side of being an adult.  I really envy teens living in first world countries who can buy whatever they want and enjoy other privileges that money brings.  But that’s another story.  Going back to the main topic, paying to watch anime shows is a legit way to give back to their producers and writers.  It’s a way to help them earn and encourages them to do more.  So if you belong to the lucky group of people who can buy the latest iPhone model without even looking at its price tag, then you should not hesitate to subscribe and watch the best anime in Hulu.

There are hundreds of anime titles in Hulu so finding one that perfectly suits your taste might be a bit daunting.  But worry not my rich otaku friend because I created this list of the best anime shows on Hulu especially for you.  Enjoy and I hope you find one that will either rekindle your love for anime or deepen it to the point that you’ll read my other articles and support fellow Otakus!



Hunter X Hunter


This anime show tackles the beauty of friendship and freedom.  It follows the story of Gon Freecss, the son of Gin Freecss, one of the most influential Hunters in his era.  A Hunter is an individual who possesses unique skills which he uses to explore new boundaries in his chosen path.  He can be at the frontier of creating new food recipes or be the deadliest assassin there is.  Gin is an explorer so he left Gon as a child and went on to new adventures as a Hunter. When Gon was old enough, he set off from his home island to be a Hunter and know what makes it worth leaving your only child for.



Attack on Titan


An apocalyptic theme is common in anime.  Even so, almost all the anime shows that chose to follow this common path succeeded in getting enough fan-base to go on for a couple of seasons.  A good example is Attack on Titan.  It was a very popular manga series and its anime adaptation gave way for its fans to even grow by the millions worldwide.  So is it worth the hype?  To be honest, I’m not really a huge fan of Attack on Titan but I watched several episodes with a friend who enjoys it so much.  And I can say that it’s brutal and action-packed.  If you’re into gore, tragic deaths, and unpredictable series of events then this anime show is the right one for you.



Cowboy Bebop


Let’s forget about recent anime shows for now and focus more on their great-grandparents.  Anime shows like Trigun, Voltes V, and Yu Yu Hakusho started it all. But the anime genre was very limited back then.  Most of the anime shows lean toward fantasy were the main protagonists have special powers and need to embark on a dangerous adventure to either save his love interest or free his kingdom from a demon king.  Cowboy Bebop chose to avoid this cliché and told the story of a bounty hunter.  He doesn’t have special powers but his gunslinging skills and laidback attitude easily captured the hearts of anime fans.  If you’re looking for a retro anime that perfectly combined humor and action, be sure to put Cowboy Bebop at the top of your list!



One Punch Man


How powerful do you need to be to finish off every enemy with just one punch?  I don’t really have the answer to this question but you can ask Saitama, the main protagonist of the hit anime how entitled One Punch Man.  So what is One Punch Man all about?  The title says it all.   It showcases the life of a hero who can basically finish his job with just one punch.  He claims that he gained his insurmountable strength by simply doing basic physical training every day.  Like everyone who he shared his story with, I don’t believe it’s all that simple.  It’s more likely that he is not human and carries the blood of an alien race which can be compared to gods.  Watch One Punch Man in Hulu if you want to know more about Saitama and who knows you might think of a better guess than mine about the origin of his power.





Volleyball is a famous sport so I started to wonder several years ago why an anime show based on it was still nowhere to be found.  Is volleyball not good enough?  Well, Haikyuu!! answered all my questions.   It’s an exciting anime about high school volleyball.  It’s realistic unlike other sports anime shows that exaggerate in-game strategies and techniques. You’ll not only enjoy heart-pumping volleyball action but learn interesting ideas on how to play better which you can apply to your next game.   It’s also a perfect anime show to binge on since it already has three seasons and the 4th one has been given a green light.  Every volleyball fan should watch Haikyuu!! and experience their favorite sport in a way only anime can deliver!



Naruto Shippuden


You can’t be called an anime fan without watching at least a single episode of Naruto.  I know the original series already ended and now they came up with a new one that features Naruto’s son but we should never forget that it was one among the few anime shows that started the craze.  I can still remember my friend recommending it to me when I was just in college like it was yesterday but it has been more than a decade now and Naruto has come a long way and managed to influence millions of anime fans across the globe.   If you are among the few who skipped Naruto, particularly Naruto Shippuden for any reason valid or not, now is the time to redeem yourself. Watch it and just thank me later.  It’s one of the best anime in Hulu for a reason.



Fairy Tail


Have you ever wondered how our world would look like if magic exist?  Don’t worry if you lack imagination to picture it all out since that’s why anime shows are for.  One good choice for this purpose is Fairy Tail.  This anime show features the struggles and triumphs of a renowned Magic Guild known as Fairy Tail.  They are often called to do dangerous missions and they never fail to deliver positive results.  This shows how powerful the Fairy Tail members are but what others often fail to realize is that this guild is not just a simple gathering of strong magicians. They are effective not just because of individual strength but mainly due to their teamwork.  Every Fairy Tail member treats their companion as family that is why they never leave anyone behind and would gladly face danger and defy their limits if it would mean saving a comrade and accomplishing the task at hand.  If you’re a fan of anime shows that center on friendship and other good values while offering intense magic battles here and there, Fairy Tail is perfect for you!



My Hero Academia


They say heroes are made, not born.  This famous quote is probably one of the inspirations behind My Hero Academia.  This increasingly popular anime shows follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya.  He is a normal child who like everyone else aspires to be as great as the hero they idolize.  Nevertheless, there is one huge obstacle in front of him in realizing this dream.  He is not talented nor does he have the strong and resilient body heroes normally have.  Any of us would naturally give up in this situation but Midoriya is different.  He has what it takes to be a hero in his own right because of his passion.  He does not take no for an answer and would do anything just to defy everyone’s expectations.  I know you’re rooting for him to be one of the greatest heroes someday and he probably will.  Why not watch his growth from the start?  Watch My Hero Academia now and get on board the hype train along with millions of anime fans across the globe!



Tokyo Ghoul


Can a monster be lovable?  I know it sounds impossible but it is the case with Kaneki, the main protagonist in the hit anime series Tokyo Ghoul.  How did he become a monster?  Is it something activated from anger like other typical anime characters with split personality?  Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.  Kaneki started out as a normal human being.  Ghouls exist in his world and humans are wary of them but Kaneki was living a normal life thinking that being attacked by Ghouls is the least of his problem.  But after several events, Kaneki found himself being attacked and almost eaten by a female Ghoul. He was saved by an unknown person but the cost was severe.  He ended up with Ghoul body parts inside him so he is now half-human half-ghoul.    Can he still live normally despite his unique condition?  Which side should he choose in the battle between humans and ghouls?  There’s no better way to answer these questions than by watching Tokyo Ghoul!  I highly recommended it especially for those who love protagonists who are both compassionate and brutal.



The Devil is a Part-timer!


If you’ve been reading by recent articles, you can attest that I’m an Overlord fan. But before Overlord, my favorite anime series is The Devil is a Part-timer.  For me, it is better even compared to mainstream anime shows like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.  And like everybody else, I’m still waiting for The Devil is a Part-timer to be continued.  There are just too many questions left unanswered and interesting plot twists that it has to offer.  So why do I love it so much?  The Devil is a Part-timer! offers a complete viewing experience.  It has action, drama, humor, and even romance.  What else would you ask for from a show to be entertained?  I have yet to find an anime series that entertained me as much as the Devil is a Part-timer did.  Well if you have recommendations please do share them in the comments section below.  Who knows you might have encountered a rare gem that I skipped for some reason.  And I’ll be sure to thank you in my next post.


To some, watching anime is a complete waste of time.  I advise those who think this way to ease up on the criticism and don’t judge the hobby without even trying it.  No matter what you guys say, watching anime is fun for me and my fellow Otakus.  And what else do we seek in this world other than happiness?  We have different ways to have fun and it just happens that watching anime is what gives us joy and excitement amidst this chaotic and often depressing world.  To all my Otaku friends out there, don’t let others stop you from doing what you love.  As long as you do it in moderation, you’re completely fine.  Remember that anything, how beautiful it might be, if done in exaggeration can lead to negative consequences.  As always, don’t forget to give this article a LIKE and continue to SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

The 7 Deadly Sins Anime: Read Before you Watch

I have watched the 2 Seasons of The 7 Deadly Sins and here is my review. In general, I would give it an 8/10.  If you are one of the anime fans who love to watch fight scenes and overpowered main characters, then this would satisfy you.




The characters of the anime represent the 7 deadly sins namely, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Greed, Pride and Wrath. This itself makes the characters really interesting since you will be watching out how these would be seen in their character and traits.
Since they are the main characters, they are incredibly strong and with this number of characters, expect the anime series from Season 1 to Season 2 to be action-packed. However, in my personal view, there were more action scenes in the Season 1. The writers and those who created the anime made sure that your thirst for anime fights is satisfied. This only means that it did not focus much on the story and character development.
You will know more about the characters with their backstory in Season 2. Most of the characters have their own sense of humor which is one of the things I liked in this anime.
In most of the Episodes, you will be able to see how silly Ban is and how naughty Meliodas is who is the leader of the group.
Aside from the main characters, there are also other secondary characters who add more fun and enjoyment in the series. I would not mention who they are. Its for you to find out. They will surely have their own unique character and powers at the same time.


Top-Notched Action Anime


I would say that the fights scenes are great. Well created and will definitely get you at the edge of your seat. You will be wanting for more after watching the fights since Episode 1. You will surely be more interested to know how strong the main characters are and to what extent could their power reach. The good thing about the fights is that the main characters have their own unique power and abilities which makes them more interesting and fun to watch.
When you search on Youtube, you will surely see a lot of good battles from this anime which only means that it will not fall short of action scenes.




For me, the main story here is the adventure of Elizabeth whose main goal is to gather the 7 deadly sins to save their kingdom. So as the episode progress, you will meet new members of the group. This anime has a good balance of action, humor and drama as well.
Its one of those anime with a simple story but still entertaining.
I guess many would agree with me that The 7 Deadly Sins both Season 1 and 2 don’t have the best ending but I think its good enough which also leaves a hint that there will be a new season we could watch out for.




The art of this anime is well made. You will definitely appreciate the details in the character designs and also how they are able to keep the same great details during actions scenes. This good quality of animation and drawing was well maintained in the entire series.
Aside from the great art, adding to the beauty is the soundtrack which is composed of the very popular Sawano. So expect that even if you have not heard the soundtrack yet, it will surely become one of your favorites.




Since its a wonderful action anime for me, I would give The 7 Deadly Sins a 8/10 rating. And will recommend it to anyone who wants to watch an action-packed anime series with a good taste for adventure.


Watch the Anime Trailer Here: