Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Are you looking for the next martial arts anime to watch? This list is for you. I have compiled all the best and top-rated anime with martial arts action. You’ll certainly agree that the fight scenes of this type of anime series are pretty much exciting and very fun to watch. Plus, if the anime creators did a great job with the animation, it makes things even better.


Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

I would confidently say that one of the most epic martial arts anime would be Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. It’s the story of a guy named Kanichi who has been bullied for a long time and then decided to learn martial arts. The show has a lot of intense fight scenes thus violence is a common scene on most episodes.  The good side is that the violence part is not exaggerated. Its an excellent martial arts anime since it has a lot of punching and kicking in most of the fight scenes.  Overall, the anime is pretty amazing and our protagonist is very much likable. You’ll see the progression of the main character from being a weak person slowly learning different fighting techniques the hard way. So if you are interested in watching an anime with lots of action where the protagonist is not overpowered right from the start, then go watch this anime.


Tenjho Tenge

When we talk about anime related to martial arts, the one that rises among the others would be Tenjou Tenge. The story is about students in a martial arts school. Due to the nature of the school, its natural to see groups of students with different fighting styles competing against each other of course to determine who is the strongest and which fighting style rules.
All eyes are on the Jyukenbo Club led by their very sexy captain Natsume. She may be a girl, but she definitely could fight. Other members of the club that would get your attention would be Nagi and Aya. When we talk about fight scenes, this anime is great, just don’t mind the story since it did not perform well on this part.
Number of Episodes: 26


Baki the Grappler

Most of the anime fans who watch Baki the Grappler decided to watch it for the rights. If you are looking for amazing fight scenes displaying different martial art techniques, then this is a must-see. The great thing about this anime is it also discusses a lot of things about the different martial art styles, it gives info on its history, techniques and different moves. Thus, viewers would somehow have more idea about these various fighting styles.
In general, you will love this anime due to its great art, insane fight scenes which will leave you at the edge of your seat and interesting characters with different backgrounds. Each of the strong characters was also given enough air time so you would know them more and how they became that strong in the martial art they have chosen to master.
One of the new martial arts anime is Baki(Ona) and if you have loved this anime in the previous years, you’ll even get hooked with the latest season with better animation and more insane fight scenes.
Baki the Grappler (2001): 24 Episodes
Baki the Grapper 2 (2001): 24 Episodes
Baki (Ona) 2018 : 26 Episodes


Dragon Ball Z

Among the oldest anime in the martial arts genre would be Dragon Ball Z. If you are the kind of person who craves a lot for fight scenes with supernatural powers, then you should watch Dragon Ball. I think if you have not watched this anime yet, you are among the few anime lovers who haven’t watch it yet. There are already a lot of versions or should I say seasons for this anime and the most recent I think is Dragon Ball Heroes.
Check the full list of series/saga here:
Now in terms of martial arts, this anime is more of supernatural powers especially after son Goku became a super saiyan, but still the fight scenes have some martial arts components. You’ll appreciate the martial arts of this anime on the first few series where Goku is still not a Saiyan.



For martial arts enthusiasts, Naruto certainly has a lot to offer. Majority of the fight scenes in this anime series has something to do with martial arts. Fistfights are a common scenario in this anime and though there are lots of fight scenes, you’ll never grow tired of watching it.
If there is one character that you have to watch out who is very much interesting when it comes to martial arts, that would be Rock Lee and his master Gai. Both of them are excellent in hand to hand combat.



Is an entertaining samurai anime with great fight scenes. It has a unique art style which for me is a big childish but still great enough to get my interest. The main character in this anime is Shichika who is the son of a person who is very much adept in using the martial art technique called Kyoto Ryu. Even though its the Samura era, this technique is still feared by many. Shichika was able to master the technique of his father and is leaving peacefully on a small island with his sister.
Samurai action fights plus excellent martial arts technique makes this anime a much watch for anime fans. Like other anime series, it has its short-comings but for me, it still is interesting enough to watch especially for those love to watch anime fights.


Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic anime that features martial arts. Though there is already supernatural powers involved in this anime, martial arts action is still there. It became widely popular in the 90s due to its nice story, interesting characters and lots wonderful action scenes. It’s an action-packed anime that featured a group of 4 friends lead by Yusuke.
If you have watched this anime before, you will definitely be excited in the New Yu Yu Hakusho OVA coming soon.


Kengan Ashura

Its a new martial arts anime that was released July 2019 and is closely similar to Baki the Grappler. So if you have already finished watching Baki, try checking this out. This anime features underground Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fights which makes it bloody and full of muscles guys frighting to death. Its a recommended anime for martial art lovers due to the MMA nature of this anime and its definitely packed with lots of fights. Similar to Baki, the anime also did a great job of explaining the principles behind the techniques that the anime characters are using in their fights.


Hajime no Ippo


Who said boxing is not a martial arts? Boxing is considered to be one of the oldest martial arts of all time. And for me, the best anime that highlights this discipline is no other than Hajime no Ippo. This anime is not only full of fight scenes, but above all, it’s pretty much exciting and inspiring. You will see the struggles of the main character Ippo and how he had transitioned from a guy who lacks the confidence to one that is able to face his fears like a true man would.
In an anime story, it’s just excellent to watch someone who started from the group slowly climbing into popularity due to his perseverance and dedication in the sport he becomes to love.


Ranma 1/2

This anime is a unique one, you will know why the moment you watch it. You are given a hint in the title on why this anime is unique. It’s an anime that became popular during the time when Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakushu were also the talk of the town. This anime is more of a sitcom anime where the episodes are somehow not connected to each other. Aside from having a taste of action and martial arts, the anime has a high dose of comedy. So aside from appreciating the fight scenes, you will also have a good laugh watching Ranma 1/2.


Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen also is known as Battle Vixens, is an action-packed anime, but if you are annoyed of too much fan service, this is not the anime for you. To give you an idea, most of the fight scenes with girls end up with deconstruction of clothing so by now, you know what to expect. Plus, huge boobs + fight scenes means boobs flying left and right so be also prepared for that.
If you are among those who are very much particular with the story of an anime, you should first have a good grasp of Chinese History before watching this. When it comes to action, yes there will be lots of it.


Taboo Tattoo

If you are looking for hand to hand combat, this anime will suffice. Its a story of Seigi who is a martial arts students and due to a certain event that happened in his life he was able to gain incredible power. Our main character is the type of person who wants to master the craft of his martial art and become stronger than his current state. This anime has lots of fight scenes where our hero is even faced with opponents who are stronger than him.
I really appreciate the fight scenes in this anime. It’s brutal and pretty much interesting while still being close to reality. Though there are superpowers involved, the hand to hand combat outshines it.


One Punch Man

I believe almost all anime lovers today know or have heard about One Punch Man, even if you have not watched it yet, surely you have heard about it from a friend or have seen it on social media. Saitama, who is the main character of this anime is considered to be the strongest human on earth(though I really doubt he is a human in the first place). Even though he looks like a natural bald guy, he has an out of this world strength and speed as well.
Well yeah, due to his strength, you won’t appreciate much of his fights since he could finish enemies with one punch only(now you have an idea regarding the title). The outstanding fight scenes would come from the other hero characters in the anime like Genos, White Fang and others.
If you have not watched this anime yet, your definitely missing a lot of fun so go watch it now. You’ll never regret it.



This anime has 26 episodes and for those in the action genre, it’s a good show to watch. Though the fight scenes are great, you somehow would not appreciate it that much in terms of martial art skills since the main enemy are big bugs. Yes, it is set in a time or world where there are big buys eating humans and so we have the good guys to protect us.
Personally, I do like the show mainly because of its satisfying fight scenes and interesting characters. However, there is something in this anime that tells me that it lacks something that would make it great. Nonetheless, it’s still entertaining even though the story is not good. If gory and fan service your thing, then you will not have any problem watching this show.


Hinomaru-Zumou 2018

This anime is about a unique martial art style which is Sumo. If you have watch Hajime no Ippo he story is closely similar, but of course in a different sport. The main character had to endure a lot of struggle before achieving his goals. Its an inspiring anime to watch since you will see the effort of the main character to be stronger win every match he enters.
I think the good thing about this anime aside from being inspiring is it also educates people about the sport Sumo. It definitely is a good sports anime that delivers the essence of this genre.



Surprisingly, even though this is an old anime, it got a lot of good reviews from various anime fans. Since the main characters are mostly girls, what one might think that it only rests on fan service, however it delivers more. The best thing with this anime is the fight scenes. A lot of martial art styles were displayed on the fight scenes so for those who love to watch action, you will get hooked with this anime. It is bloody with an incredible amount of fan service, but in general it still an enjoyable series.

Isekai Cheat Magician Review – First 4 Episodes

Hi Guys, so I was able to watch this new anime series Isekai Cheat Magician today with still only 4 episodes at the time of this writing. After watching all episodes, I decided to make this review to let you know if this anime is worth watching or just a waste of time. Now if you are a fan of isekai anime, this is a good one to watch.


Is Isekai Cheat Magician worth watching?


It’s a big Yes for me. Personally, I love Isekai anime. For those who do not know, Isekai in japanese means ‘different world’ So Isekai anime are also known as “being transported to another world” anime. If you are interested in this type of genre, you’ll definitely love this anime. The story is interesting enough, the animation if well-made and the fight scenes are cool. In general, I would say its bound to become a great anime series.
Let’s discuss further why you need to watch this anime show.




Don’t worry, as much as I can, I will not spoil anyone. So basically since its an Isekai our main characters Taichi and Rin are living normally as students in the real world then suddenly they got transported to another world. This is how their magical adventure started not as ordinary humans anymore but as adventurers.
I would say that the same as other Isekai shows, the story is quite predictable. Since they were suddenly teleported to a place they are not familiar with, their main goal would be to return to their own world. I think that’s the shortest way to describe the story of this anime. However, do not be sad since everything that will happen along the way would definitely be action-packed, adventurous and exciting.




So far, in the 4 episodes I watched, there were 4 main characters who were introduced. As mentioned above, the main characters are Taichi and Rin. In their own world, they are just normal students, but on the new world they live, they are capable of using magic.




Your question now might be is the main character OP? I would say Yes, but not as exaggerating as Overlord where right on the bat, you will know the capacity of the main character. As of the 4th episode, Taichi still has not reached his full potentials. So its quite interesting how strong he will become. Though it was already mentioned in episode 2 the potential of his full magic capacity.




Though for me, Taichi is the main character, an equally important character Rin is also there to give the story a different kind of flavor. I love how their connection was easily established during the first few episodes. And for me, I think they would also be a popular anime couple. Rin and Taichi grew up together and since they know each other a lot, they are an excellent pair of adventurers. She is more of the thinker and is naturally gifted to learn how to use magic effortlessly.


Remia and Myura


The other characters who are worth mentioning for the first 4 episodes are Remia and Myura. They are both adventurers who will play a big part in how Taichi and Rin master their magical powers.
So far, I would say that all these major characters are interesting enough to keep me wanting for more. I am looking forward to the 5th episode and the other episodes to come.




I decided to include this in the review since the ending theme song really caught my attention. Though the opening song is also good, I don’t consider it as great as the ending song. It seems like a good song for the love story of our main characters. The best thing would be to listen to it yourself and you’ll know what I mean.
Let me know what you think of the Ending Song through the comment section below.



Great Action Scenes


When it comes to watching anime, I always give high preference to those with great action scenes. I love watching anime fights and this anime did not disappoint, I love every bit of the action scenes I saw in all the episodes by far. And with the potentials of Taichi and Rin, I know fight scenes would get more intense in the coming episodes. Of course, that’s what I am hoping for, we actually do not know yet.




As of now, we really could not tell if this anime will live up to the expectations, or will it fail. However, base on the first 4 episodes, I would say that it is on the right track of becoming an anime that many would remember and appreciate. Most especially in the genre of another world anime. I recommend it especially for those who are looking for another Isekai anime to watch. And even if you’re not a pro isekai or have not watched one yet, give this a try and you’ll certainly love it.
If I would rate it, I will give it a 9/10 rating.


Watch the Trailer Here:

Best Romance Anime Series Of All Time

Among the most popular genre in the anime world is definitely romance anime. It is just nice to see anime characters showing love, care and affection. The best thing is all is that these anime series does not only revolve around drama, there is also magic, adventure and comedy.
Being an anime fan for a long time now, I have already seen a lot of romance anime series and below I have listed my top recommendation. You surely would have your own list of best romance anime so why not share them in the comment below. But before that, check out the list I have prepared for you.


Golden Time

Due to an accident, Banri Tada sadly lost all his memories. Life continues and he was admitted at a Law School in Tokyo hoping to get a new start in life. Here he met Kaga Kouko. After their first meeting, there was already a spark and like somehow they have already known each other for a long time.

As the story continues, the main character discovered a lot about college life and all the emotions that comes with it which of course involve falling in love – both pain and happiness.  The best thing about this anime is that it reflects life situation in all corners, not just around the school premises which makes the experience of the characters more realistic.


Fruits Basket



The same with Golden Time, the main character in this anime series Tohru also encountered a misfortune. Her mother died in a car crash and because of this, she decided to live with her grandfather. But, things did not go well in that place so she ended up living all by herself in a tent. Fate came into the picture allowing her to meet Yuki Sohma, Shigure and Kyo who are cousins. Since then, things changed and Tohru is about to discover a great secret of the Sohmas.

This anime is one of the most loved anime ever made so its no surprise that it is very popular and from its first release around year 2000, it is now re-animated in 2019 where currently the series is still on-going.

You can watch it here:


Snow White with the Red Hair



The anime title already reveals what is very special in this anime which is the main character Shirayuki having an apple-red hair unlike anyone have seen – at least in their time. She seems to be one of a kind with her hair which even draws the attention of the prince in their place and wanted her to be a mistress. Of course, Shirayuki does not agree with this and decided to flee the kingdom by going to the forest where she met Zen.

This charming guy who also is a prince easily got the trust of Shirkayuki so she went with Zen in his castle. In this kingdom she continued her pursuit in becoming a great palace pharmacist.  The question now is how will the relationship of Zen and Shirayuki develop considering that our main character attracts a lot of attention not only because of her red hair but also because of her kindness. Eventually, other characters get to fall in love with her.


Your Lie in April

This best romance anime list would never be complete without Your Lie in April.

Kousei Arima our main character is a genius in playing the piano, but due to the sudden death of his mother he forgot about his passion to play the piano. This was inevitable since losing your mother is definitely one of the biggest stones that life would throw at you. He had lived a dull life not until he meets Kaori Miyazono who is a violinist. This meetup is about to change the life of Kousei significantly. Slowly his life turned from monotonous to one which lots of color.

This anime will definitely make you cry due to the emotions that each character shows. Soon you will realize that the death of his mother is not the only reason why he stopped playing the piano. Though most of the time, it’s serious drama, there is still some slice of comedy in this anime which gives off a lighter feeling. The anime shows how one true love could change a persons life.



Clannad is a love story of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya is the kind of person who does not take seriously his future that is why the somehow lacks interest in his studies and finds school life boring. On the other hand, Nagisa is a repeating 3rd year since she missed of a lot of the previous year. And since most of the student she knows already graduated, she had become lonely, but not until she met Tomoya.

As they continue to be together Tomoya slowly realized their life is interesting and it has a lot to offer. In short, he slowly found meaning into his life the moment he met Nagisa. It’s definitely a love story that one should not miss. You could easily relate to it and not to mention it also have a lot of funny scenes. And some also consider this as their best romance anime of all time. What do you think?



Best Romance Anime 2017

After talking about the top 5 among the best when it comes to anime about romance, let us introduce you to the anime considered to be the best in the romance anime category in the year 2017.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

This anime is also known as (Masamune-kun’s Revenge). The main characters in this anime series are Adagaki, Aki and Makabe, Masamune. The word revenge in the title is due to Makabe’s vengeful plan against Aki. And he has set the grandest plan to accomplish this without fail. The reason is that he was called “piggy” because he is overweight when he was still a child. And even though the great plan is set, of course, not all things will go according to plan. That’s just simply how life goes and this is what you need to watch out in this anime

Aside from being a romantic anime, you’ll also have lots of fun and laugh watching this anime especially if you are into Witty Anime Humor. Also, its good to point out that the animation of this show is great.  Since the animation is good and characters are well presented, it makes important scenes more significant and praiseworthy.

The same as with all other anime series, it has its negative sides but it is also overflowing with positive sides as well.


Best Romance Comedy Anime

High Score Girl II

The Season 2 of High School Girl is the continuation of where it ended on Season 1. So of course, our main characters Haruo Yaguchi, Akira Oono, and Koharu Hidaka are still very passionate about video games. If you are looking for a fun anime in the romance genre, then this show will surely satisfy.
Aside from being comedic, there are also a lot of scenes in this anime that would place you at the edge of your seat as it tries to play with your emotions. In this season, Harou and Akira are going through important stages in their life where they display intense emotions in dealing with various life situations.
Though many do not want to see CGI in an anime show, it actually has blended well in this show. Maybe because of its video gaming part. You’ll certainly enjoy watching this anime where each episode offers something new to the table. In general, this anime did great and is something you need to watch.

Best Romance Anime 2019

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2

If you have followed season 1 of this anime, you’ll also love season 2.  You will definitely fall in love with this anime again. Though it’s something closely similar to season 1 it’s still fun and enjoyable to watch for a romance anime. The couple Takagi and Nishikat are simply very cute to watch.
The big difference from season 1 would be that they are not in 2nd-year high school. While they are still in their first year, it’s clear that they have a crush on each other but both are too shy to admit it. This second season their relationship somehow is taking shape but still not official. We could see that both of them are now more comfortable and natural with each other.
In general, those who made this anime did a great job of improving the show from season 1. It’s certainly the best romance anime for me in 2019.




Considered to be one of the best romantic comedy anime of all time. Torodora should not be missed for anyone looking to watch an anime in the romance genre. The love journey of the main characters Taiga and Ryuji is about learning the true meaning of love. They resort to some silly decisions or action just to get the attention of their crushes and they both end up failing in achieving their goals.

The show does not show how silly you become when you have crushes especially when its your first time having this kind of feeling. But it portrays that eventually, you will learn from all your love experience and you grow with it. You will just be looking back in time and smile at how silly you have been before. And before I forget, expect to get tons of laugh with this anime.


Anohana:  The Flower We Saw That Day



Anohana is one of those anime that is pretty much interesting and has a unique story. It’s actually about a ghost who could not get into the afterlife since she still has to fulfill her final wish. The problem is she does not anymore have the memory on what her final wish is. She will be aided by her group of friends led my Jinta who is the only person who could see her. Their goal is to help their ghost friend discover what would make her rest in peace.

This anime really packs a lot of emotion and is considered as one of those shows that would certainly make you cry.  The love story here is more of the love for a friend type of relationship.





Inuyasha is one of those classic anime. It’s under the genre of demon romance anime. The main characters here are Kagome and Inuyasha. Kagome is human – a high school girl while Inuyasha is a half-demon. Their love story is unique, human and demon though this kind of theme is not new in the anime world.

It all started when Kagome who is from the modern-day was sent to the world of Inuyasha in the feudal era of Japan. She was able to free Inuyasha from the magic that binds him in a tree and from then on their journey together begins.

It is still nice to see true love in a world with demons and the fact that a human girl would find love and care in one of the strongest demons. This just proves that love does not have any boundaries.


Yona of the Dawn


Yona lives a wonderful life as a Princess in their Kingdom, but things changed on the night of her 16th birthday. She suddenly lost everything and was forced to live their castle. The only person she had left is Hak who is her bodyguard. Together with Hak she is now on a journey to find allies to help her in her goal of reclaiming her kingdom.

This is a love story about giving your life to protect the one you love and helping her to reach her ultimate goal in life. Aside from the love story, this anime is also full of action.


Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara


The anime revolves around the life of Hitomi who was send back in time by her grandmother through the use of a certain magic spell. The Year is 2018 and it was the time when her grandmother was in her high school days. Hitomi is the kind of person who does not show off her feelings that much and this is something that she will have to overcome and as she goes on with life. The overall story is about the quest of Hitomi to find real happiness and loving herself would play a big role in it.

And of course, this leads to her also finding the love of her life. Aside from the story, what’s most interesting about this anime is the overall art style. It’s generally very pleasing and just nice to watch especially considering that this anime is not just about normal life, but a life with magic.

So there you go guys, our list of best romance anime. Surely, there are anime series here that you have watched already and fallen in love with. Let us know your comment regarding the list. Is there something we missed? It would certainly be our pleasure to hear from you

Anime Monsters You Need to Know as an Otaku!

In the anime world, monsters take a lot of forms in different sizes and horrifying features. These anime monsters are also the ones who make an anime show more interesting to watch. Check out some of these unusual yet interesting creatures and demons.


Titans  – Attack on Titans



Titans are man-eating giants that vary in sizes from a monster as tall as a house to one that is as tall as a wall. They are the main villains in the anime series Attack on Titan.


Deep Sea King – One Punch Man



This monster is the Lord of the seas. He is one of the main antagonists in the anime series One Punch Man.


Goblins – Goblin Slayer



These goblins are man-eating creatures who torture their victims and do something horrible, especially to women before killing them. These are nasty creatures who will not hesitate to kill humans they meet. They attack in large numbers.


Ryuk – Death Note



Ryuk is a shinigami who got bored in their realm, thus decided to drop his notebook in the world of humans. A persons’ name who is written on the notebook will die.


Ghouls – Tokyo Ghoul



Ghouls are humans but unlike the usual human, they only eat the flesh of humans and other ghouls. They puke even when usual foods eaten my humans are near them. They appear and act like humans but has difference mainly in the diet (what they eat) and inner biology since ghouls have some certain powers within them.


Miia – Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou



Miia is a snake girl with long bright red hair.


Ulquiorra –  Bleach



Ulquiorra is among the top ranking fighters (4th) of Aizen’s army called Arrancar.  He is fast and extremely skilled when it comes to fighting. Plus overflowing with enormous spiritual power.


The Three Kings – Yu Yu Hakushu



These three kings are Raizen (Father of Yusuke), Mukuro and Yomi. They lead their own army in the demon world.


Sea Kings – One Piece



They are huge sea creatures found around the Grand Line. Each one of these creatures is unique in build and physique. Though they seem to be ruthless they are actually intelligent creatures and less violent.


Monster Plants – The Rising of the Shield Hero



The bio plant or plant monsters is a boss level monster that is similar to a giant tree with a big eyeball at the center. It uses its vines to attack.


Orc Disaster – That time I got reincarnated as a slime



After consuming Gelmudo, the Orc Lord evolved into a stronger form called the Orc disaster.


Monsters – Monster Rancher



Majin Buu – Dragon Ball Z



King Ant with Royal Guards – Hunter X Hunter



Floor Guardians Overlord


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie (2018) – It’s Awesome!

As expected of this action-packed anime, it immediately kicked off strong with great fight scenes featuring the past of All Might together with his buddy Dave. I think starting the movie strong and interesting was great which immediately got me hooked. From here, I somehow expected that the move would be a good one.

So right of the bat, I would give my hero academia movie 2018 an 8/10 rating – highly recommended. Its a great movie for those who are a fan of this anime series and even for those who have not watched the series yet. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I highly suggest you, but first please watch the movie trailer below before you do so.

A Wonderful Start

After the wonderful start, the focus came to the story where our main characters – Deku and All Might were invited to a certain island for scientists. Somehow Deku surprisingly met his friends there from the U.A. High School University. This is where the action slowly started to heat up again and the overall vibe changed. It’s just great to see Deku with his friends enjoying their moment on the Island.

Excellent Fight Scenes

The action fights were really great. For me, the animators of this movie did a great job when it comes to the fights scenes. The details on the characters are still good amidst the cool fights of our heroes and the villains.

One thing that distracted me though is that the Island setting and aura reminded me of a place in pokemon. I think the animators would have thought of a much better look of the island which suits the anime. I personally do not know what it is, but something that dives away from being pokemon like environment. Aside from this, everything deserves a thumbs up.

Movie with Emotion

Of course, aside from the action, the movie also did a great job of touching our emotions. We could easily relate to Deku and All Might as well as to the desire of Melissa to follow the footsteps of his father who is a well-known scientist. I mean we all have that certain desire in our hearts to follow those whom we look-up too which most often than not are our parents or close friends. We give our all and strive in whatever we do so we could be a better version of ourselves and one that could be compared to our idols.

Could Have Been Better

Though the movie was already good enough, I mean its already a great movie and a must-watch, but it could have been better if more time was given to the past story of All Might. It would have also been kick-ass to see the younger version of other Pro Heroes. It could also be possible that they intentionally did this since this past story of All Might could be one solid movie. What do you think?

Another thing that could have been improved was the use of those small security machine robots. For me, they were just used too much. It would have been better if there were other characters actual villain fighters that our young heroes were able to face climbing up the tower.


I guess that would be all. Again, I highly recommend this movie even to those who have not watched the anime series yet. You’ll be amazed by the fight scenes and will be touched by the emotion of the characters. It will definitely give you the satisfaction of seeing Deku and his friends do their best to save the day. Plus, the fight scene on the ending part of the movie could be considered as one of the best. Personally, I enjoyed the whole movie.

Have you watched the movie? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.


Bungo Stray Dogs – Fun and Exciting to Watch

Bungo Stray Dogs anime features a small detective agency called Armed Detective Agency where members have supernatural powers, but not the kind of power you expect from Dragaon Ball Z or One Piece, but definitely enough to make the series entertaining and action-packed. The main character is Atsushi who is an orphan and somehow ends up being a member of the detective agency. He will soon discover something unique about him which will change the course of his life.

Latest Update:

“Bungou Stray Dogs” Season 3 – New PV!!
The anime is slated to premiere on April 12


When it comes to the mood of this anime, it more feels like a roller coaster. You will find yourself in a dramatic scene, then it shifts to being serious and lethal. And of course, it also has its comedy scenes in almost all episodes. If you are the kind of person who easily relates to the characters, you would certainly feel the sadness of Atsushi since from the beginning he has no one. Then slowly he started to meet happiness through the people he meets who showed him love and made him feel a sense of belongingness.

The best thing about this anime is it was able to maintain the balance of putting various mood in the entire series leaving anime lovers wanting for more and excited for the next episodes.


I could certainly say that the story of Bungo Stray Dogs is well-written. It’s good that as early as episode 1 you will already know something the main character’s experience in the past and meeting characters that would kick off the whole story of this anime.

Even though the story is somehow really serious, there are still a lot of humorous scenes in this anime series making it entertaining yet fun to watch. For season 1, you will most likely find yourself with a good laugh with every episode due to the funny side of this anime. However, in season 2, things get a little bit serious since we are not introduced to the other side of the story. Which is actually good since it gives viewers a different taste making it less boring.

And since there are gifted people with supernatural powers, expect there would be a lot of scenes where the protagonists aim to save peoples lives and in constant pursuit for justice. And throughout the whole story, you will slowly know more about the characters as there will be checking of a character’s past so will get to know more each character and understand them better. This also means that every character was given enough screen time.


The main characters in BSD are Atsushi, Dazai, and Kunakita. These 3 are all gifted with supernatural powers and are doing their best to uphold justice and protect the people they love and the citizens in their place in general.

Even though Atsushi is the main character, most definitely many would become more interested in Dazai mainly because of his enigmatic yet fun behavior. You will surely enjoy watching Dazai during fan times and would get more interested in his character when he gets serious. I would say that he has a bipolar personality.
Regarding Atsushi, you might find his character somewhat annoying since he seems to be like holding on to his past too much. To the extent that he becomes a burden to those around him. However, as soon as he realizes his worth and that he could change his path, you will slowly appreciate his effort on getting back on his feet and trying to change his perspective in life.
The other characters who are part of the Armed Detective Agency are Kunida, Kenji, Ranpo, Tanizaki and Akiko. You will know more about these guys as you continue watching the anime.
Aside from these interesting main characters, there is also enough air time for the protagonist in BSD like Kyouka Izumi and Ryunesse Akutagawa.

Animation and Art

Generally, when it comes to animation and art, BSD is a decent-looking anime. For me, there is a high level of art displayed by its creators. Though it’s not as consistent as we wanted it to be. For the character designs, you will surely see that they have given enough effort to create these wonderful characters down to the design of their eyes which somehow makes the intense and emotional moments more effective.
A unique style that you will surely notice on the anime is the part where there are texts added on the scene explaining the character’s name and ability.
And when it comes to the action part, it’s well-animated and entertaining enough for me. You might find the first half of the series to lack entertaining action scenes, but surely things would start to pick up at the 2nd half of the anime where you will see better effects and more vibrant colors.

Final Verdict

One thing I could say about Bungo Stray Dogs is it’s great fun and entertaining – it will not get you bored. The characters are likable enough which will make you strict to watching it for a while until you end up watching the whole season. Aside from being funny, for me, it more of a touching anime with deep emotions especially by the main character. You will surely be touched by the story and struggles of the characters in this anime, both the protagonist and antagonist.

So, do I recommend watching it? Yes, of course. Though it’s not a masterpiece anime, it still is a decent one and is certainly worth your time. Plus, its third season is out this year so you really have to start watching it now.

Below is Season 1 official trailer.

One Punch Man Review – Why It’s Among the Best Anime Ever

One-Punch Man is a webcomic Japanese character that was created in 2009 and instantly became one of the most popular. It had been directed in a way of creating a comedy by a superhero. The superhero role is named as Saitama who could win the battle by fighting with any villain with just one punch (cool right?). He is able to do this because he is insanely strong, fast and full of energy. Surprisingly, his face is in expressionless most of the time.

If you are looking for one reason to watch this anime, it is unanimously known as the best anime of 2015 and many are claiming it to be one of the best anime ever created. So there is only one way to confirm it, watch it yourself.


One Punch Man webcomic got hit talk and many praises from different audiences across the globe.  It gives a unique anime experience which is different from other anime – it’s just so cool and fun to watch. There are a lot of funny scenes in every single episode so you will not get bored with it. Additionally, it provides you with a different yet simple storyline. So its not hard to fall in love with it.

If you’re an anime lover, you will definitely love One-Punch Man. During the initial release of One Punch Man many got hooked. A lot of anime fans have been waiting for each and every episode.

The story revolves around Saitama who wanted to play the role of a hero. For 3 years he had undergone serious training which is one of the reasons why he became bald. And as he claims the reason for his strength. When strong villains appear, they are not aware of Saitama’s out of this world strength and power.

Even though Saitama easily defeats strong enemies, a lot of people thought that he cheats and only delivers the last blow. No one gives him due credit. Good thing someone advised him to register to the Hero Association for him to become a certified hero.


The anime One-Punch Man is well known for comedy, characters, outrageous plot, and ridiculous schoolboy dialogue. Here, I mentioned you some names of villains so that you can easily know what type of comic film it is that included Crablante, Ground Dragon, Armored Gorilla, Subterranean, Vaccine Man, Piggy Bank, and Mosquito Girl.

Aside from these interesting villains, you will also get interested in the various superheroes in this series who are members of the HERO Association.  One of these will eventually become the partner of our main character in the name of Janus. He personally saw how strong Saitama is which led to his desire to become Saitama’s disciple.  Janus just wanted to become strong like Saitama to get his revenge.

Image source-IGN Southeast Asia

Animation and Audio

The series of One Punch Man is showing you a good anime scenes and the surface of events happened in the series allows getting to know the truth rarely. If you want to view it in a high-quality picture, you need to go to Blu-Ray option and enjoy the series of anime section of One Punch Man. The series was produced by the leading anime studio provider Madhouse and the series is showing you some of the best studio’s work. They are the reason of the intense action in this anime series that have gotten the attention of millions of fans.

Its just great to see the transition of the animation from Saitama being pathetic to becoming intense and back to being pathetic again. You’ll understand when you watch the anime yourself.

Image source-Reddit Color Manga Project Colors One Punch Man!


Saitama superhero character in One Punch Man really attracts every audience from kids, teens, young ones and the not so young generation. In this anime series, a lot of effort has been put and surely does the show justice. It is a classic anime series and really waiting to watch next season to be released this year. One-Punch Man is now available in Blu-ray and DVD that you can purchase on best retailers like Amazon.

Overall, we just love everything from this anime series which is the reason why we are giving it a rating of 9/10.

Why excited for the release of Season 2

All throughout the series, there are an incredible set of battles in which various superhero or Saitama have to face insane characters. Though we all know what would be the ending, the action scenes are still pretty cool that would make you want for more. Each episode of this 12-episode anime is worth watching, no time-waster. There is a back-story line that gives the excitement to see the next episode. That means it hooks up the audience on everything ending and leaves them on the edge looking for more and what would happen next.

Sword Art Online Alicization (Season 3)- Is this SAO’s redemption?

The Sword Art Online anime series started the MMORPG trend. It took the world by storm and easily gathered millions of avid fans across the globe. The biggest TV station in our country even featured SAO during its heyday telling how anime fans of all ages are getting hooked to Kirito and Asuna’s love story. It’s an isekai anime that a lot of anime fans loved.


Fast forward a couple of years after the first season, SAO seems to be losing its edge. Many dropped it saying that the story failed to emphasize what viewers want, which is more time with the couple together as well as more RPG-inspired fights. What SAO has been continuously doing is introduce new female leads and forcing them into Kirito’s harem. This approach has been proven to be unpopular among SAO fans. And the continuous decline of SAO’s popularity through the years is a clear indication that viewers are not happy of how the whole story is going from one season to another. Nevertheless, the third season, Sword Art Online Alicization, is quite promising. For the first time, Kirito is not adventuring in a new virtual world with another girl but a young boy who aims to save his childhood friend. Does this indicate that the people behind SAO is listening to its loyal patrons? Doe Sword Art Online Alicization live up to the hype?



Visuals: 4/5


They completely overhauled the SAO animation. This is expected since they hired a new animation studio to do the work. Many are not happy about this but it’s not really a big deal for me. Yes, it turned out a little bit childish because of the colors and drawing style but it’s not that bad.



Voice Acting: 4/5

I’m not a fan of Kirito’s voice especially when he screamed as the goblin leader cornered him. It almost sounded like a girl being harassed and pleading for help. I prefer male heroes to have a deeper voice. I know they are complimenting Kirito’ voice with his thin and small physique but I’m sure he’ll turn out to be more lovable and manly with a deeper one.


Watch the Official Trailer Here:

Characters: 3/5

Eugeo and Alice Schuberg are just two of the many new characters introduced in the third season of Sword Art Online. Sadly, they’re not as unique an interesting as we expect them to be. Eugeo resembles the old Kirito. He belittles himself after failing to save Alice from being apprehended by an Integrity Knight. And Alice is like the new Asuna. She was punished for defying a taboo and had her memory replaced with fake ones. This story and character development are basically re-imagined versions of what we saw in the second season of SAO where Kirito saves Asuna from being kidnapped. The added new game-like skills, rules, and the mysteries behind the antagonists that are ruling the fantasy world made the story quite interesting at first but once they are all revealed, you’ll realize that you’re served with food made while following the same old recipe.



Plot progression (as of 13 episodes): 3/5

I have no problem about the pace of Sword Art Online Alicization. It’s not so fast to the point of skipping fine details about the story and not slow enough to bore viewers. But why is its score just 3? The main reason behind this is the fact that I am 13 episodes in yet the main antagonist is still yet to be established. At first, I thought it was the people behind the project that uses a virtual world to develop new souls but they were simply doing it to improve the government’s military force and save real lives in the near future. Kirito might not like their way of thinking but their acts are not despicable enough to be considered villains. The church in the fantasy world where Kirito is trapped is a good candidate for being the main antagonist but the leader who is pulling all the strings is yet to be introduced. When will they reveal it? I know it is part of making the show thrilling but keeping it a secret halfway through the story is overdoing it.



Is it a Nay or Yay? Borderline Yay!

Is it the saving grace of the SAO anime series? Sword Art Online Alicization is very promising but not good enough to fully lift the franchise to its former glory. Or maybe I’m concluding to early? We’ll see. I’m rooting for SAO Alicization’s success though. I want it to have a clear conclusion like the first season while leaving a few loose ends to hint a continuation. And because of this glimmer of hope, I’m giving it a borderline yay! I won’t put an effort in introducing this anime to my friends but I won’t have any qualm in recommending and giving it a decent remark if they ask.


Sword Art Alicization Photos:



There you have it guys!  When everything is all said and done, the SAO anime franchise is still one of the most successful to date. And still among the most popular from another world anime.  Although its second season failed to reach everyone’s expectations, we should not put all the blame to the creators.  Maybe our standards skyrocketed after enjoying the first season so much to the extent that everything new and different introduced in the second season all ended up being compared to the first and were all hated as a result.  Before you watch Sword Art Online III, I suggest opening your mind.  Forget about your first season experience and treat it as a new anime as a whole with familiar characters you’ve learned to love following a different storyline.  By doing so, you’ll diverge from the path of comparing every bit of detail in the new anime series with its predecessors and enjoy it more. Give it a try and don’t just dump it after a one or two episodes like I did at first.  You’ll surely see that it delivers a new taste and is worth your time!  As always, give us a LIKE and continue to SHARE the anime love mina!

Is Attack on Titan a good starter Anime?

Yes, mainly because it’s interesting, has unique characters, a well-written story and plot and to top it all a very high production value. If you want to introduce anime to any of your friends, Attack on Titan would be a good choice. Continue reading to know more.


Anime Genre

Horror / Post Apocalyptic / Zombie



Side Characters were given Emphasis


Only a few anime series have spent time in showcasing side characters. They focus too much on the main characters. This is the reason why an anime that manages to build dramatic tension on side characters are well-appreciated by many anime fans. If the story only focuses on the main characters, it becomes less interesting in the long run.



Excellent Story


AOT fans often mention that this anime has an excellent story with good pacing and I would totally agree with it. You will love the series because its easy to follow and you could easily grasp what is happening. You do not need to have a deep understanding of the Japanese culture in order to understand what is happening. Plus, events are not hastily made which gives a lot of time for you to appreciate the moment – get scared and excited.


Though the general story is a bit cliche, because in general it’s about the survival of men against monsters. But, we all would agree that do we love this kind of scenario which is the main reason why a lot of zombie shows and movies have become a big hit. People these days have this different kind of interest and preference on shows that shows the survival instinct of men against adversaries that threaten their existence.


No FanService


Though I personally like fan service, there are times that too much of it can be really annoying. There is now a lot of anime where lewdness is somewhat a common scene. Though some likes this, there are also many who do not appreciate it.  Its a good thing in my personal perspective that there is no fanservice in this anime series.


Attack on Titan is definitely an anime for everyone. The moment you watch it until episode 3, you will surely be hooked and will continue watching it. The only thing that one might not like about this anime is its rudeness, I mean there are a lot of killings and blood.
Checklist of a Good Starter Anime
  • unique characters
  • good animation
  • well written story
  • little to no fan service
  • easy to understand especially to those who have no experience watching an anime before
  • praised by a good number of anime fans
  • you see high schoolers wearing merchandise from it
  • a show that sparks interest





If I will use our checklist, all Attack on Titans satisfies all of these. Which means that the answer to our question is a big YES. But, at the end of the day, we could generally say that AOT is a good starter anime, but it would still depend on the people who would be watching it. If your friends are into horror or zombie type of shows, then it would be a perfect fit.
Just in case, your friends are not into this type genre, the other best option would be Death Note.

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime: Does this RPG anime offer something new?

Are you frustrated about Sword Art Online III?  Do you love isekai anime but the new ones you’ve watched did not go well with your taste? Then look nowhere else because That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime is likely to be the perfect match for you.

How can I confidently say such a statement?  I’ve read almost every RPG manga even the least popular ones and watched their respective anime adaptations.  Among all of them, That Time I go Reincarnated as a Slime, stands out as the most complete.  It’s an anime series that you’ll enjoy from the get-go.  First of all, it’s not hard to root for the main protagonist who got reincarnated as the weakest monster in almost every RPG, a slime.  I know he is not an ordinary one but his small and adorable appearance makes it impossible to hate him.  He also has an easy-going personality.  Second, this anime has a few boring moments.  Interesting events keep coming like a landslide to keep us entertained.  Humor is also sprinkled every now and then which serve as great breaks before serious and important plot elements are introduced.  You might have noticed that I’ve already on board to this anime’s hype train and honestly I am.   Read further if you want to know how That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime captured my heart and other thousands of anime fans despite embracing an overused storyline.


Mind watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Trailer?


Visuals: 4/5

I love it.  Every new RPG anime seems to get better visually nowadays.  As long as it’s not as bad as what they did to Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, I’m happy.  The animation sequence that I like the most is when Rimuru, the main protagonist, consults with Great Sage.  The Great Sage talks like an AI in a Sci-Fi movie which is really cool and the animation that comes with it completes the futuristic atmosphere.  It even makes me think that he might be reincarnated inside a game and not in the real world.  The fight scenes animation is also impressive.  It’s not as detailed as good as Seven Deadly Sins but it is still very entertaining. I would love to give it a perfect score but I’m reserving that for an anime who can blend both 2d and 3d animation and so far only Overlord attempted it with a passing grade.



Voice Acting: 3/5

I’m not really a fan of Rimuru’s voice as a slime.  He was an adult in his past life with a much deeper voice so why did he lose that?  I can understand sounding like a child as he mimics Shizue but as a slime I think it would have been better if he retained his voice during his past life because he can’t speak and it’s just for us to know what’s in his mind as the story progress.  Well, this is just my opinion and you might think otherwise.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  The voices of the supporting characters are good enough except for Ranga.  It echoes like he is a spirit or something.  I know it is to suggest that he speaks through telepathy but it would have been better if it’s done with a livelier and energetic voice to match a wolf’s personality.



Characters: 4/5

I love every character this anime series introduces from one episode to another.  They are unique compared to other RPG anime.  Yes, the orcs are still pigs but they have samurai-inspired ogres.  The ogre’s appearances are far from their ugly and fat RPG counterparts.  Based on how the story is currently going, their group will be Rimuru’s most powerful and loyal subordinates. The dragon Veldora also has a lovable personality.  He is prideful like other overpowered characters but he is secretly lonely and has a childish personality.  I find it very funny when he tried to stop Rimuru from leaving during their first meeting because he was lonely an wants a friend to talk to while still acting tough.



Plot progression (as of 3 episodes): 3/5

The pace of the story is good enough but I really want new plot twists.  I’ve watched almost every new RPG anime titles so I can say that it just follows a similar route to its predecessors.  This is acceptable for those who are new to this anime genre but not for those who have already watched Sword Art Online, Overlord, and the likes.  I’m expecting Rimuru will build his own country where all races are accepted and be a good ruler.  Other countries will disrupt the peace either because they are jealous of Rimuru’s achievements or they are against humans interacting with monsters.  This storyline is too scratched.  But I’m hoping That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime will give us something new in the coming episodes.



So it is a Nay or Yay? Yay!

Do you play RPG?  Are you a fan of fantasy world anime?  Regardless if it’s either the two or both, you should watch That Time I go Reincarnated as a Slime.  This promising RPG anime will surely entertain you.  Don’t be fooled by other saying it’s very similar to Overlord and others that belong to the same genre because it’s not.  Yes, it’s an overpowered MC but not to the point that he is unbeatable.  He is reincarnated to another world but not as a human or other usual races but a mere slime.  And he has strong allies but they are not originally strong and they develop along with him. Watching Rimuru and his group progress as a community and overcome hardships together is definitely worth the time.


Check out these That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime images!


That’s my take on That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime.  This another world anime will most likely be a big hit.

The holidays are fast approaching so I don’t know if I can squeeze in watching and writing more anime reviews in my schedule but I’ll try.  Are there anime shows you want to be reviewed?  If that’s so, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments sections below.  As you might have noticed I only feature anime shows that interests me as of now but I give any title a chance especially those that are highly recommended by fellow anime lovers.   As always give us a LIKE and don’t forget to SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!